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I really love Windows 10

I really love Windows 10

Who among you here loves Windows 10? Can you share the reasons why?

My reasons are:

First, because of Cortana. She is lovely and very helpful.

Second, because of the come back of the START button. I miss it.
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you may dislike it if you are a gamer lol
some programs (usually online games) is not compatible yet with win 10, although most developer has started to make their programs compatible with win 10
Ane belum nyoba gan,
G ada laptopnya,

but windows 10 got directx12, it will improve gaming experience so much emoticon-Big Grin
so, i have to say "wow", huh? emoticon-Thinking

o wowowowowo wowooooo
one thing i like from windows OS include windows 10 is cool GUI of windows.linux is better on my mind emoticon-Blue Guy Peace
despite the lack of start menu (not just start button), win 8.1 is better (for now), especially for gammer
faster start up, configurable win update without 3rd party apps, drivers compatibility, etc
I really love ubuntu 14.04 emoticon-Kiss (S) *Out of topic
so do me gan emoticon-kiss
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