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ask - dapet diskon cuma bayar $44/tahun Unlimited Plan

(ask) - dapet diskon cuma bayar $44/tahun Unlimited Plan

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Win free premium upgrade!

SuniHost forum is a very big hosting company. We give the best support for each client and also if they needed of cource, to have a really active web hosting community, we get to have a nice surprise for all of our customers who have an account on SuniHost. All messages that you do on our forum will be checked, the number of messages will get from each new answer you're doing, or by creating a new thread. But below you can see what the rules are before you can apply for a free Premium Plan.

Here are a few simple rules before your Premium Plan (Earth) can apply for free: - First, you shrould have accomplished with your account from the forums a post count of 150. - You MUST put good, helpful and solution. Messages like "thank you", "good", "nice .." and so on will not coun't as Quallity Posts.

Quallity post per plan. Earth needs: 150 Quallity Posts / 5 Refferals Neptune Needs: 300 quallity Posts / 12 Refferals Saturn needs: 750 quallity posts / 24 Refferals Jupiter needs: 1,000 quallity posts / 32 Refferals

I got a referral can I request free Premium too? - In our rules your clients must be active for least 7 days.

By spamming on our forum will be immediately banned their account on the forum and not being able to obtain a free premium hosting upgrade.

To request Premium Upgrade, you must use the same e-mail if you are using your cPanel. After you will have a paid account to be able to choose more options. This upgrade will max of one year run. After a year, your account will expire after demoted Premium Membership. You may one month before the expiry of applications for upgrade. New Premium account

***150 Quallity message reaches. Now what? ***

I have reached my 150th post count. How can I obtain free premium account? All you have to do is to create a support ticket in your customer admin area ( Also make sure your forum email is the same as your SH account email. This is checked every two accounts. Be patient, it may take to process. The other option is through our Live Chat.
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