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Stupid Girl Trying to Be Smart
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Stupid Girl Trying to Be Smart

Well, I hate this

I meet couple of guys but nothing work.
When mymom ask "find a rich man to marry with."
what the hell with that?

I am pretty tired with a man then. +- 2 month I am not having sex with them. Even I am virgin also, but doing petting.
And sorry also if my English is sucks. Sorry also if I write in English now. Basicly nantinya bakal campur-campur. Gado-gado, since I want to enhance myEnglish. And because myface is kinda maid face, people only respect me when I dress up and speaking English. What the hell. Well, talking about hell abit too much already. better change to heaven hehe....

Kenalin gua tatia
Anggap itu nama asli gua
Gua baru di Jakarta, jadi pretty katrok ya

Salam kenal semuanya... emoticon-Kiss (S)
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First guy that I meet,
Let say he is V, we chat quite a while since I am in myvillage already. It's kinda amonth.
Then I get an interview call in Jakarta then I come. He didnt even pick me up even he said that he will at the first.
What a little bastard, one of the guy that I meet already said about Iam attracted bastard. Kinda true. Because.... even in real worl, man looks like just wanna make love with me. Is it because of my boobs size which is 40? or because what I wear? But I just wear casual cloth like t-shirt? Or what?

I dont know still. Do I need to use a hijab so people dont just think about sex when they look at me? Because that kinda disgusting somehow....
U know what I mean...

Kinda sucks when I meet colleuges which away more rich than me. They work but also doing business, so... They earn more and spend more. With kinda crazy lifestyle that I cant afford

I dont have any friends also. Well, first month kinda sucks. Just go to mall alone, spending money. And... that's all. I try museum also then. Cost only 5000 idr and I can killing mytime. Maybe better finding away to find money to killing mytime later. Yah, later on...
woh, english...
here's an advice from me, if you wanna tell ur stories you did, just use simple past tense, sist. it will be beter emoticon-Smilie

I told you mygrammar is sucks emoticon-Smilie

but thank you for the input, I will try. I hope I can hehe
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Basicly security here have no respect to me. Is it because they think that I am a working girl? It could be, I think so...
I am thinking of complain to the management, but it will waste of mytime so I just let it go. Even I am not feeling comfortable at all.

The only thing that makes me feel better while all the people treat me bad is listening to the music. Just like what I do now. "you gonna miss me when I am gone?"

Like people here really see people from appereance and money? The spg, security, or all of them. Even spg in SG is more far friendly to me. Well, face the truth tatia, you r in Jakarta so just start to like it!!!
Tri AON gak bisa buka google translate

aih, bisa donk, pake browser apa ga bisa buka google translate heheh
sepertinya cerita nya menarik...
izin bikin tenta sistemoticon-Malu (S)
When I start to think

When I start to think actually was a man ask me "You dont sleep with anybody? dont you?"
Jleb, disitulah gw mikir. Well asal tau aja, itu posisinya kita lagi di hotel. I pretty much like him but it didnt work, mybbm is broken so cant contact anymore. Ok, that's not the point. The point is, I THINK, YES I THINK. Like I been sleeping with everybody. Then I realize, it just wrong thing to do. See, I stop.

You dont sleep with anybody really such a good question for me. Thanks to ask K!!! Hey, did they call you Key still? hahaha, cant unlock me still? I wish you are here, need someone to hug right now. ..

*I wish you are here, I wish you are here, music is better, and right now I just wish you are here. ...."
so u re coming from SG? kinda feel ur accent through ur words emoticon-Peace
dari ceritanya kayaknya tipe cewe hedon nih.. emoticon-Big Grin
no offense loh sist..

baru ini nih ada ts bikin cerita english.
oke nenda dulu emoticon-linux2
oke untuk pertama kalinya gw baca cerita bahasa inggris , Mampus emoticon-Cape d... (S)

Not really, I just a kampong girl emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

not really emoticon-Smilie
dont judge always ..

silahkan emoticon-rainbow

hehehe, I use basic standart conversation? kinda talk to myself hehe. alive diary?

Saint! I feel better now. Thank God!!!

Hey, after I read all your saint comment in heart to heart is kinda make me feel happier. You better than me, huh? Good then. Hope somebody can be a better person with such a cruel comment.

For me, I started to get used to. It's ok, you are all saint and I am the singgle sinner, right?

It's kinda Ok for me emoticon-Smilie
panjangin dikit lah sis. kependekan emoticon-Ngakak (S)

btw. numpang nenda yak. salken emoticon-shakehand:
Human Needs

You know what, sometimes, for me, it's human needs to be touched, to be hug. Even in the fact, I don't wanna to get a hug from a jerk. Kinda not working with me.

If you treat me nice always, I always can ask you for a hug also. See, a hug is enough. No need kiss, even sex. But, poor me. No one to hug right now. No one deserve.

buset dah -_-

btw numpang nenda emoticon-Genit

Ok ok, I will try yah emoticon-Smilie

Salken juga emoticon-Kiss (S)

Silahkan gan emoticon-rainbow
"What you wanna eat? Western? Local?"
"No local, no western."
"No local, no western? Korean? Chinese? Mexican?"
"Mexican is ok." I said

So we eat Mexican food then. Yaiyalah
"Remember, that restaurant we watch in hotel also Mexican. Maybe there are cockroach in their kitchen also." K said with a weird eyes stared at me
"Maybe we need to check theirkitchen also, hehe."

Just for you know, we watch a kinda reality show which a Mexican restaurant shown have a very very very dirty kitchen with cockroach everywhere. Ouch...
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