[PrivateServer]Seal Valkyrie Internasional

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[PrivateServer]Seal Valkyrie Internasional
Welcome To Seal Valkyrie International PrivateServer!!

Website : (dont use www!)
Register :
Forum : Unknown
Group :
Market :
Server From : Thailand
Sebelum OBT,Web dan Download tidak dapat Diakses.Akan dapat diakses setelah OBT Yaitu 27 juni

Feature :
Exp : x10
Drop : x2
Monster : x2
OPEN BETA 27 June 2015
‘••’Classic Level & PvP is balance
‘••’Antihack and cheat 99.99%
‘••’Every map not bug.
‘••’Has new item update long time.
‘••’HasNew patch update.
‘••’New monster is perfect sure.
‘••’New edit map is make new monster config.
‘••’New And that it had never seen before, of course.
‘••’Activities Quest for the exchange items through the Web.
‘••’Has A Royal Jackpot Slot on website.
‘••'All GM Has the attitude of a friendly, polite, Nice, firm, and diligent online
‘••’This server opens with professional gamemaster.
‘••’Has item shop on website can do easy for use.
‘••’Open-term care by the team that carries over, but the hard indeed.
‘••’Can contact admin any ways
‘••’Game Master always online every time

Kalau ga ngerti bahasanya,pake translate aja gan,
Ayo join dan ramaikan seal ini.karna indonesia akan membuat guild!!
Jangan lupa join ni seal dan gabung guild indo ya gan :*
pej oneemoticon-Betty (S)
Ayo join gan!
jejak dulu..hehe..emoticon-Big Grin
sekarang masih CBT gan?? emoticon-Big Grin
masi belum bisa register gan?
Tinggalin jejak dulu emoticon-Malu (S)
nitip sendal
btw ini server luar tp grup fb nya udah kaya server indo.. isinya player indo semua emoticon-Cape d... (S) emoticon-Cape d... (S) emoticon-Cape d... (S)
ko pasword eror terus ya padahal udah bener masukin ...yang udah bisa kasih bahannya dong biar bisa ol
ini open beta ko udah ada gambler/??
Webnya aja masih blm bisa diakses