Clash of Clans Universal Unlimited Mod/Hack v7.65 APK 2015

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Clash of Clans Universal Unlimited Mod/Hack v7.65 APK 2015
Clash of Clans Universal Unlimited Mod/Hack v7.65 APK 2015

nemu di forum sebelah gann

Clash of Clans Unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixir! No Ban! Now with PvP!
You heard it right! We bring you the Mod/Hack of Clash of Clans, currently, the most trending game. Tested many times, for stability, this mod is surely going to enhance your level of gaming! Attack other players, and loot their resources. This is a perfect mirror of official server, except that you get everything Unlimited!
Server Information
Server IP Status
On HAX Main CoC Database server Private Online
Server Features

3.7 ghz Processor
2 TB Hard Disk


Download the given CoC PvP Exclusive APK from link, given below
Install and enjoy emoticon-Smilie


15/10/2014 : Servers are given custom names(beta). Memory leaks and some bugs fixed.
21/10/2014 : Multiple servers sharing same database, so that another server can be used, when one is down, and your game progress remains saved, even after changing server.
27/10/2014 : New custom server working with latest version
29/10/2014 : Custom APK provided with Main Database working on multiple servers.
11/11/2014 : New servers
12/11/2014 : New Custom APK
17/11/2014 : Patched to work with latest version of CoC (Android and ioS)
19/11/2014 : Assigned Elastic IP to the main server
03/12/2014 : ♪Custom Barbarian Tower and SnowFall added. Its Christmas!! ♥
06/12/2014 : All Savings related issues fixed. PvE added! Chasethose Goblins! emoticon-Smilie
25/12/2014 : Universal APK released! emoticon-Smilie
04/01/2015 : “Dual Install”> You can install both original apk and mod apk on phone! Play them side by side.!
23/01/2015 : Bringing you townhall 11! emoticon-Smilie
09/03/2015 : PvP added! Enjoy Looting others emoticon-Smilie
11/05/2015 : Bugs Fixed

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Clash of Clans Universal Unlimited Mod/Hack v7.65 APK 2015

jadi ini CoC private server gitu ya gan?
Itu mksdnya APK apa gan??
wah ada surveynya dlu jadi males gan hahahha
ditipu tipu itumah emoticon-Cape d... (S)

caiyoo gan, utk mendapatkan hasilnyaa emoticon-Smilie


maaf no tipu2 gaan emoticon-Shakehand2

jangan mau ikutan surveynya gan, mending main coc yang beneran aja dari playstore atau appstore emoticon-Malu (S)
Kalo nge cheat di game itu sma juga dengan dosa emoticon-Blue Guy Peace emoticon-Blue Guy Peace

itu bukan dosa gan. tp suatu ke ahlian emoticon-Recommended Seller
emoticon-Bingung (S) mana gan app nya ni< kaga bias ddownloademoticon-Berduka (S) emoticon-Bingung (S)
pindah kesini gan, yg itu eror

wkwkwkwk. kena lagi
Mending maen murni, emoticon-Cool
klau pake begituan banyak resiko