Diary (L)

Dear Diary,
I don't understand about my feeling >.<
I feel sad, alone but I miss him too. I miss him in the last when he still chat and kidding with me.
I never feel alone and I always laugh cause of him. but now, he changed emoticon-Frown
I don't know why he's like that.
He went, dosn't care about me again.
but, why ?? WHY ???
does he has a new gf ???
but who ?
I need something that make me stop thinking about you.
I need certainty !
I have tired -_-
Omg, please help me !
Show to me what's wrong with him ?? why he changed ?
If we aren't mate please lost my memory of him and throw away my feeling to him.
Please meet me with someone who care and love to me.
don't make me like this .
emoticon-Mewek emoticon-Mewek emoticon-Mewek
Give me clarity !!!
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