RYL Granite [2015]

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RYL Granite [2015]
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Server info :
Auto-100 lvl
Non-Claimed Server
7 Socket Upgrade
+50 -10 Fame system
6 times daily Statue War
10m Gold rewards for each new char
Medal Shop (Santa Armor&Cap)
100 damage/def AAA NPC's item
Bosses drop good stuff such as Ring & ETC
lvl 1,2&3's skillbook available at Store , lvl 4 by farming
Daily PvP Event (Battle Lohan)

Newbie Rewards(Newbie Merchant):
-Blessed Gems
-4b Gold Coupon

Farming Spot :
Almightly Land (50% Drop-Rate)

Dark Caenarvon (70% Drop-Rate)
-Polar Bear (Edin & GPV) Din Din stone

*All monsters drop random items,stuff,gems and etc

Installation :
Install any RYL2 Client(Official or private) server and install RYL Granite Patch then you can just play the game!

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Event 100 fame per kill!
mau tanya dong gan..
ane udah install pake RYL 2 private server, trus ane patch pake "RYL Granite v1757-1758"..

tp knp ga bisa konek ke servernya ya gan? tulisannya "failed to connect to login server"

mohon dibantu..
thanks gan..