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Dicari: Mystery Shopper / Store Performance Evaluator - belanja sambil dapet duit

Dicari: Mystery Shopper / Store Performance Evaluator - belanja sambil dapet duit

Hello Kaskusers!

We are Albatross Global Solutions, a global market research company which specializes in measuring store performance of luxury brands around the world. By helping us in our projects, you will be able to shop while earning money at the same time.

Albatross Global Solutions started in 2005 and has currently grown to work with over 140 prestigious premium and luxury brands developing a strong expertise across a wide variety of markets around the world, while building a database of more than 50,000 highly qualified and affluent Store Performance Evaluators, who are the pillars of Albatross Global Solutions two main lines of service: store performance services and market insights services.

In order to support our operations in Indonesia, we are looking for freelance store performance evaluators / mystery shoppers who can work with us on project basis for our expanding list of clients in Indonesia.

Job responsibilities:
  • Visit cosmetic counters, retail stores, restaurants and even hotels as a regular customer while following specific scenario we assign
  • Share with us your experience by way of filling out our surveys

  • Male or female, above 23 years old
  • Reside in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Medan, and Bali
  • Fluent in English and able to write detailed explanation in English
  • Have access to computer, internet and smartphone
  • Have a good memory, observational and writing skills
  • Committed to deadlines and reliable
  • Familiar and/or passionate about luxury shopping experience

Pay rate is SGD 18 - 320 per visit and will be paid to your paypai account.

Interested candidates can directly register at [url=http://www.albatrossonline.c*m]www.albatrossonline.c*m[/url] , complete the registration as well as uploading ID and current photograph, and send a short email to [email]jeunike@albatrossasia.c[/email]*m about why you are qualified to be our store performance evaluator / mystery shopper.

For more information, go to [url=http://www.albatrossasia.c*m]www.albatrossasia.c*m[/url] or [url=http://www.albatrossonline.c*m.]www.albatrossonline.c*m.[/url]

Like our Facebook page Albatross Global Solutions Indonesia for updates about our missions in Indonesia!Dicari: Mystery Shopper / Store Performance Evaluator - belanja sambil dapet duit

PS: Ini bukan penipuan, kalo gak percaya tanya ke om google aja ya gan emoticon-Malu (S)
Diubah oleh: albatrossindone
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tanya gan. untuk penugasan di Indonesia, laporannya dalam bentuk bahasa inggris apa indonesia nih?pingin daftar nih. siapa tahu ke depan ada project MS di solo emoticon-Big Grin

Laporannya harus bahasa inggris gan, soalnya yang ngecek reportnya di headquarter kita di Shanghai emoticon-Big Grin

email sent

Plz check email from y***s_m**** Thanks.

Aready replied. Thanks gan! emoticon-Smilie

Sent by email gan. Cek email ane.


Already replied. Daftar dulu di sistemnya ya gan emoticon-Big Grin
gan mau tanya dongs. kebetulan ane udah punya pengalaman jadi mystery shopper dulu untuk project di bogor. dan sekarang ane domisili di bandung tertarik ikut project ini. cuma yang ane tanya, ane ga punya akun paypai dan sejenisnya, gmn tuh gan? fee nya bisa dikonversi ke bank lokal kah?
soalnya pendaftaran di web kan payment nya cuma ada 1 opsi (paypai)

kalau syaratnya ga jauh beda sama mystery shopper yang pernah ane jalanin dulu, ane ikut lagi nih emoticon-Big Grin
Diubah oleh athanarastha

already replied by email ya.. emoticon-Smilie
emoticon-Sundul Gan (S)
PM dong, minat nih... Cuma mau tanya kalo bahasa inggrisnya ga bagus gimana ya?
wah gan umur ane baru 22 nih, ada kesempatan ga? emoticon-Big Grin
duh minat nih
minat nih tapi umur udah +3 dari syarat gmn masih bisa kah?
mytery shopper,
hmm boleh juga nih emoticon-Matabelo



applied through your website and granted for username & password
awhile back and email sent to [email]jeunike@albatrossasia.c[/email]*m too.

a bit of me, a food and travelling enthusiast, loved to get challenged
in getting things done before the deadline as well as someone with
considerably "above the average line" review's writer for various
customer oriented business establishments, particularly in food
and hotelier performance.

lack of experience as mystery shopper but there's always first time
in everything, and my extensive international exposures will
contribute into the review outline I am about to make with Albatross.

love to hear back from your side


visitnya dalam bahasa indonesia, tapi nulis reportnya harus bahasa inggris gan emoticon-Big Grin

boleh daftar aja dulu di websitenya gan, siapa tau di kemudian hari ada project yg bisa utk umur <23. lagian kan taun depan kan agan udah >23 emoticon-Big Grin

kan syaratnya ABOVE 23 gan, jadi mau umurnya 50 atau 60 juga masih memenuhi syarat kog emoticon-Big Grin

yuk daftar di [url=http://www.albatrossonline.c*m]www.albatrossonline.c*m[/url] gan..

Thank you for applying. I have checked your profile and I have replied your email. Let me know through email if you have further questions.

whooop!! oke ane kirim cv dl dah btr lagi pas di rumah emoticon-Big Grin
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