Israeli serviceman shoots 5yo Palestinian in the face

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Israeli serviceman shoots 5yo Palestinian in the face
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Israeli police have fired a rubber bullet at a
five-year-old Palestinian boy’s face as he was
getting out of a school bus on his way home,
the child’s family told Palestinian media. He
sustained a skull fracture under his eye.
The incident happened when Muhammad Jamal
Ubeid and his 14-year-old sister stepped out
of the school bus and started walking home in
al-Issawiya, an Arab village and neighborhood
in East Jerusalem, on Wednesday.
"An Israeli soldier fired a black rubber-coated
bullet at the child from a close distance,
injuring him under the eye," Muhammad’s
uncle told the Palestinian Ma'an News Agency.

Muhammad was taken to the nearby Hadassah
Medical Center on Mount Scopus, where the
doctors said the boy had a fracture in the
bone below his eye. The hospital confirmed
that his wound was typical of ones inflicted by
rubber bullets.

Israeli serviceman shoots 5yo Palestinian in the face

The hospital officials told Haaretz that the
boy’s condition was satisfactory and he was
headed for surgery.
The child was later transported to the
Hadassah Medical Center in the Ein Karem
neighborhood, West Jerusalem.
RT Paula Slier visited Muhammad a few hours
after surgery in Hadassah Medical Center in
the Ein Karem and talked to his parents.
"He's an innocent boy, he didn't do anything!
Why did this happen to him? I'm really worried
about my son – they [Israelis] are the racists,
not us!" Muhammad's mother told RT.
"He's 5-years-old, he's an innocent child, he
didn't have a rifle, he didn't have a phone,"
added his father. " This is racism, they want to
kill us because they hate us. We are
Palestinians and they hate us."

Israeli serviceman shoots 5yo Palestinian in the face

Israeli serviceman shoots 5yo Palestinian in the face

get well soon kid.
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