The Continuing Brand New Star Wars Thread (all your Star Wars dreams fulfilled)
Well, here it is, the continuing new new Star Wars-Thread for all things Star Wars related. Books, comics (!!NO MARVEL ALLOWED HERE!!) , as well as some random stuff. This thread was created by Darkblade8771, way back, who in turn used the original Star Wars-Thread in this forum to start his collection of links. Additional credit goes to Helsabot & enex, Jedi_Marauder. Special credits to klatuuB, trukidz, hereticdeanima, atomicmass77, and our all time favourite kfrone. Many others also contributed to this collection, so thanks to all scanners, uploaders & posters!

Let's continue to enjoy Star Wars: be it Legends and/or Saga stories.

May the Force be with all of you!

Original Thread can be found here:

IMPORTANT NEWS: The New Star Wars Request Thread
Since this is supposed to be the News and Talk forum, where you can find the latest scans we now also have a Request Forum in case you can't find a specific SW related item.

pheonyx74 was kindly enough to create one. There you can find the newest SW Scan list, everything that's not on it isn't scanned so don't bother requesting that stuff.

Here is the link: The New Star Wars Request Thread


Rule #1.
Requests need to be placed in the Request Thread, they get filled on the original thread, and then linked in the new thread.

Rule #2.

Compliments and thank you's are for the original thread.

Rule #3.
If your request is not filled DON'T repost it in the original thread.

Rule #4.
Don't post any links to, or event mention the name of, the |V|-company that took over the comic publications since 2015.
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