Don't Give People the Negative Energy in Games

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Don't Give People the Negative Energy in Games
hy we play games? Most people find that's a good way to release themselves. In the games, they can be far away from the unfairness and unhappiness in the real life where they can create a peaceful pure land. However, there are always some fellow players ask you the strange question like "Do you know what's the feeling of suicide? " "Is suicide painful enough? No, because i have ever tried" "How about going to another world, there's no one disturb us " "Are you tired? Drugs can help" etc.

Yes, we really tired, but we never thought of abandoning our life. We indeed frustrated by life while it doesn't mean the only choice is to get rid of all the difficulties. Since we were born, we have to shoulder the responsibilities. If only the little setback can defeat you, i think, you are not worth being a people. You have rights to find a room relaxing but you are guilt to persuade or to lead people lost on the loop.

Gaming is just a way to relax but escaping. First, please don't affect others in the life. Second, don't be affected by others. Third, complaint is useless for everything, the solution accounts the most. Forth, don't forget to be always positive after all the terrible feelings have been swept out. Life really needs the positive energy that you can contribute to.
yeah you are right just like Alter bridge says ini the song....... Life must go on...
Life must go on, thanks!