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Let us learn English.

Our subject is vocabulary. Today we have a new word, doll.
Doll is a noun (n).

(n) a small replica of a person; used as a toy


golliwog, golliwogg
a grotesque black doll
a carved doll wearing the costume of a particular Pueblo spirit; usually presented to a child as a gift
paper doll
a piece of paper cut or folded into the shape of a human being
a doll with a hollow head of a person or animal and a cloth body; intended to fit over the hand and be manipulated with the fingers
rag doll
a cloth doll that is stuffed and (usually) painted
sawdust doll
a doll that is stuffed with sawdust
toy soldier
a doll that resembles a soldier
glove doll, glove puppet, hand puppet
a puppet with a cloth body and hollow head; fits over the hand

Type of:
plaything, toy
an artifact designed to be played with

(n) informal terms for a (young) woman

bird, chick, dame, skirt, wench

Type of:
fille, girl, miss, missy, young lady, young woman
a young woman

Then, please make a sentence using this word: doll.

OK, that is all for today.

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Spoiler for remember:
Maaf, salah kamar
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Dolly is a brothel isn't it emoticon-Malu (S)

the synonyms of dolly
- Kramat tunggak
-Sentani kiri
gw bingung emoticon-Bingung (S)
Masia weh bray

Aku gak tau harus bagaimana

gk muden gw apaan cobaemoticon-Hammer2
Do Doll
tsnya guru les privat bahasa inggris yak ? emoticon-Peace
Gak usah ngajarin bahasa jawa
salah kamar emoticon-Salah Kamar
salahkamar gan yg di lonje pada kgk ngerti kalo bahasa 4L4Y baru pada ngerti emoticon-Ngakak (S) emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Stick Out Tongue emoticon-Peace emoticon-Peace emoticon-Shutup emoticon-Peace emoticon-Peace
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young girl in dolly = TS
i don't know what you mean... Aku rak paham bosomu rek, nek boso jowo aku bisa... emoticon-Cool
Gagal Paham ane gan