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[iOS/ANDROID]Seven Knight / 세븐나이츠 For Kakao

[iOS/ANDROID]Seven Knight / 세븐나이츠 For Kakao

[iOS/ANDROID]Seven Knight / 세븐나이츠 For Kakao




Tutorial Guide

Spoiler for Translated Menu:




Agan bingung nyari masukin codenya dimana ? tenang ane kasih tau semua yang ane tau emoticon-Malu (S)

Spoiler for Klik:
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Normal Evolution Tutorial ( Random Character )

Normal Evolution is one of the best ways to get Knights or OP characters in the game because it will give you a random one. Of course, if you're very unlucky you might get something that's not useful. Thankfully, you can keep random evolving units until they hit 6 star. If you end up with something trashy, then you're screwed. Hue :3 Lastly, you must REMOVE the character in your PARTY and DRAGON PARTY before you can evolve or combine.

Normal Evolution Examples
-(3 Star Level 30 +5) + (3 Star Level 30 +5) = 4 Star Level 1 RANDOM Character
-(4 Star Level 30 +5) + (4 Star Level 30 +5) = 5 Star Level 1 RANDOM Character
-(5 Star Level 30 +5) + (5 Star Level 30 +5) = 6 Star Level 1 RANDOM Character

Spoiler for Evolution:

Special Evolution Special Fusion Tutorial

Special Evolution is a MUST for Knight character or high tier heroes!! You will need to get your character to Level 30 +5 and then feed it a special element shown below. Certain elements vary for different characters. For Example, a Healer type will require a Light Element. Please examine the image below so that you don't f- up your godly character.

Special Evolution Examples
-(4 Star Level 30 +5) + (4 Star "Element" Level ONE) = 5 Star Level 1 SAME Character
-(5 Star Level 30 +5) + (5 Star "Element" Level ONE) = 6 Star Level 1 SAME Character

Spoiler for Special Evolution:

Elemental Fusion Tutorial

Elemental Fusion is very simple check out the short simple steps below and use the knowledge that I have taught you so far. Make sure you click the "MIDDLE" button in STEP 2 when you want to Evolve your elemental because the other button is increase the MAX level, which is totally freaking useless

Spoiler for Elemental Fusion:

Evolving Tips and Enchanting Stuff

Here is the Character Page shown again below from here your MENU 1 and MENU 2 page will vary so pay attention to the text or icons so that you don't accidentally do something silly. The more you enchant fails the higher your bonus success becomes! For example, if you failed enchanting 4 star card to +3 often and the bonus chance is at 25%, then you can probably just gamble 1-2 star feeds. Check images below.

Spoiler for Evolving Tips:

Enchanting And Evolving Weapons Tutorial

If you're just starting out, then you can probably skip this part. You don't really need to upgrade or enchant weapons until your character is 5 or 6 star grade. What kind of situation is good to upgrade? If you have a 5 Star special Knight, you should Enchant weapon only to +5 because it takes a couple of weeks to collect Dark Orb crystals, unless you burn through Rubies. I do NOT recommend Evolving weapons, especially if you're a low level. The monster is best spent somewhere else like pumping out your formation which will benefit you more in the long run

Spoiler for Enchant Weapon:

Item Stats


Farming Spots

Diubah oleh Moraxus2nd
Tambahan dari ane


Khusus HH yg udah di root dan ngga bisa maen ini ada solusinya, Tapi khusus 4,4+ ( KitKat ) . Thanks to agan reenkyo emoticon-Malu (S)



Moraxus2nd ► Kaskuser
nyebelinajah ► widiya
reenkyo ► Jahhahd
Diubah oleh Moraxus2nd
Hero Tier List all values for 6★ units

Spoiler for Hero:

All About Special Missions


Unlock Player Skills

Diubah oleh Moraxus2nd
ini bahasa korea??
mirip sama touch monster punya line grafiknya hehe
Wooa grafiknya menarik
Pernah liat iklannya di drama korea emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Cobain ah
wah mirip summoners wars yah, paling demen maen game ginian emoticon-Belo

DL dulu gan emoticon-Ngacir
kayaknya menarik ini

Tkp dulu gan emoticon-Matabelo
gue udah bikin gan
IGN widiya
mumpung jam makan siang

gimana cara tambah teman? ma gabung ke guild?
kasih tutorial dong
sekalian masukin guild om TS dong emoticon-Big Grin

Iya gan masih bahasa korea emoticon-Malu (S)


mari gan dicoba emoticon-Kiss (S)


iya rada mirip SW sama HH gan


ok gan silahkan di download emoticon-Kiss (S)


Spoiler for nih gan:
Numpang curhat gan emoticon-Berduka (S)
udah cape cape ngetik sampe 50 coupon codes cuma dapet unit ★3 semua, alhasil ane tumbalin ke ★4 punya ane buat di evo ke ★5

Spoiler for Jeng jeng jeng:

Sama gan. emoticon-Ngakak (S)
gue juga capek2 masukin coupon nggak ada yg *5
paling mentok *4
Sekarang grinding dulu aja lah emoticon-Ngacir
-edit udah nemu solusi, ternyata ga bisa maen langsung kalo HH nya root.

jadi kalo mau maen di HH yang root pake ini, khusus 4.4+ [KitKat]


Diubah oleh reenkyo

Hhahah . sue emang gan


Ok thanks gan tipsnya . ane taro atas ya emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)


sekalian nick ane ya Jahhahd, btw itu konci kalo abis resetnya berapa lama ?

udah ane taro atas gan . biasanya reset jam 10 malem gan

makasih gan

pvp di bante mlu emoticon-Hammer2

btw ini eq yang udah di pasang ga bisa dilepas ya ?

wkwk, ane juga di bantai mulu . iya ngga bisa di lepas gan

bukannya kunci reset 70 menit ya
balikin 1 kunci 10 menit kalau 7 jadinya 7 x 10 = 70 menit

Guild dungeon gimana sih caranya?
Kok gue nggak pernah dapat gate ya? emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Baru tahu kalau clear dungeon terakhir
Map nya di update emoticon-Hammer
Grinding nya jadi susah. Tapi dapat exp lebih banyak

sepi amat nih thread emoticon-Berduka (S)

guild dungeon mah hars punya guild baru bisa ikt

clear map itu ganti mode aja Easy > Medium > Hard

Nggak ngerti caranya masuk guild dll hahaha emoticon-Ngakak (S)
ah berarti sekarang gue udah sampai hard. susah farming nya. jadi 3 round.

cara gampang nya nyari gold gimana ya? selain dari eternal tower
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