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Online Training SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS (BO) with BI

Batch Starting: Next Week Duration of Course: 30 Working Days
Duration of Class: 60 minutes a day.
The course includes training material with lab exercises and 24/7 system access to SAP BO and BI.
Special points to note in training:
1. Training will be in latest 7.0(Netweaver) versions including with BI and BO Integration.
2. I will help you in resume preparation and Interviews.
3. Training will be based on real time projects that I’ve worked before. Emphasis is given on important topics that were required and mostly used in real project implementations.
4. Training will cover both Functional and technical aspects of BO.

SAP BO is the new HOT Module in SAP. Make use of the training opportunity provided by experienced professional.
Here are the key elements of my training to be considered while comparing to other training places.
• 24/7 System Access for the entire month of training (additional access can be purchased for a minimal cost) as opposed to 5 days system access provided by SAP Academy
• Access to both Netweaver 7.0 and BO systems
• Experienced faculty as opposed to a SAP Academy trainer who doesn’t have real-time experience and is a full time trainer.
• Access to faculty even after the training is completed
• Cost is 1/5 of the amount spent for SAP Academy training
• Support in Resume and Interview preparation
• On-job support
• This is purely online and can attend from anywhere in the World.

Pre Requisites: SAP BI or BO or Exp. in any Data Warehouse Technologies.

Some of the SAP BO Course topics that covered by our professionals:
1. Overview – System Set up and Administration
2. SAP BI Launch pad and Webi Reporting
3. Installation & Configuration
4. SAP BW integration with BO
5. Server administration
6. SAP Lumira and Design Studio
7. PMP,UMT and Scheduling
8. Integrated solution architecture
9. OLAP Universe design approach
10. Connectivity Options
11. Variables & Prompting
12. Hierarchies
13. Publishing
14 IDT and UDT
15 Dashaboard and Crystal Reports
16 Hana with BO
And many sub topics are there for more details please go through the website.

Please call us for the Demo Classes we have regular batches and weekend batches.
Contact Number: INDIA: +91 9972971235, USA :1 347 635 1422

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