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[Wanted] Programmer Qasico - a tech company

[Wanted] Programmer Qasico - a tech company

QASICO is now hiring

We need people with attitude to grow with us !!!

We are small fast growing tech company based in Jakarta.
Our main focus is to provide IT solutions for companies/business owners/personals to increase their performance and efficiency. Currently we have several clients in progress.

We need people with :
- High entrepreneur spirit
- Willing to learn
- Have ability to work in team and personal

We need :
1. Front end developer (jquery, HTML5 etc)
2. Back end developer (PHP, laravel etc)
3. Web designer (photoshop etc)

We offer :
1. Challenging and fun working environment
2. Freedom to express your ideas
3. Priceless entrepreneurial experience
4. Flexible working hours
5. Competitive benefit

For further inquiry feel free to contact me :

WA : 081 1101 8581
Email :

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[Wanted] Programmer Qasico - a tech company
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