Angie Vu Ha, Asia's Sexiest DJ

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Angie Vu Ha, Asia's Sexiest DJ
This Thread is Dedicated to the Most Beautiful & Sexiest Female DJ,
Angie Vu Ha

Angie Vu Ha, Asia's Sexiest DJ

Angie Vu Ha (born June 1, 1987) is a Vietnamese model, DJ, and producer, who started modeling in the fashion industry when she was 17. Shortly thereafter, a film director discovered Angie, and gave her a leading role in the TV series.

Coming from a mixed parentage, Angie Vu Ha, born Vũ Thị Hà, is the youngest of three sisters. Angie grew up in Quang Ninh, a coal mining town in Northern Vietnam.

Eventually, her family moved to Hanoi, to allow Angie and her sisters to attend college. Angie studied at the National Economics University, where she achieved a Bachelor's Degree in her studies for Business Administration.

Angie involves herself in acting, hosting, modeling, dancing, TV shows, movies, music performances, and theater.

In 2007, Angie got her big break in the international modeling circuit, signing with Diva Models, which led to her relocating to Singapore. She has been photographed for a number of high end clothing, international advertising campaigns.

In 2010, Angie signed an exclusive contract with Bigfoot Entertainment, She was a regular cast member in the reality show Underwater Action Season 2, which was about underwater photography by filmmaker and photographer Michael Gleissner, that aired on worldwide satellite channel Fashion|One.

After her TV appearances, and many years of modeling, Angie turned her attention to another passion, music. From May through September 2011, Angie became a resident DJ at New Asia Bar (Singapore), playing every Friday and Saturday. This club is one of the most luxurious clubs in Singapore and has been awarded World's Finest Club. Angie has rapidly risen through the ranks of the DJ scene, and regularly gets her fans dancing at Singapore's elite clubs and events.

Angie has also played at other events including the Singapore Grand Prix (Formula 1), and a major event for Fashion TV (FTV). Also in 2011 Angie started producing her own music. Her first release Cookies, gained instant support from BBC Radio 1's Judge Jules, Marco V, Lisa Lashes, and Michael Woods. Cookies is one of the fastest selling tracks on the world's number one legal mp3 download site Beatport. Her second release Cream, features UK vocalist Taya, and already has massive support from Gareth Emery and Marco V. You can hear Cream play on Ministry of Sound radio from Adam K.

Besides Officially being recognized by worldwide media as Asia's sexiest DJ, and Asia's first supermodel DJ, Clubbing9ine Malaysia ranked Angie #5 in the Top Sexiest Supermodel DJs Worldwide. In addition to her Modeling, DJ, and Production career, Angie is also an entrepreneur. She owns her own modeling agency called Think Model Management.

In October 2012, Angie won Playboy's Miss Social contest.

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