[ask] BDI Agent (Jason , Jadex , MASON (similation) , JAM , JACK dll)

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[ask] BDI Agent (Jason , Jadex , MASON (similation) , JAM , JACK dll)
sry sebelumnya kalo ane salah tempat gan ..

ane cuma mau tanya , ada yang pernah belajar / ngoprek tentang BDI agent ga ?
kalo ada mohon bimbingannya gan untuk sharing2 ilmu tentang BDI agent ..

BDI Agent (wiki) : The belief–desire–intention software model (usually referred to simply, but ambiguously, as BDI) is a software model developed for programming intelligent agents. Superficially characterized by the implementation of an agent's beliefs, desires and intentions, it actually uses these concepts to solve a particular problem in agent programming. In essence, it provides a mechanism for separating the activity of selecting a plan (from a plan library or an external planner application) from the execution of currently active plans. Consequently, BDI agents are able to balance the time spent on deliberating about plans (choosing what to do) and executing those plans (doing it). A third activity, creating the plans in the first place (planning), is not within the scope of the model, and is left to the system designer and programmer.

contoh : Jason - Gold Mining

referensi lain untuk AgentSpeak jason :

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[ask] BDI Agent (Jason , Jadex , MASON (similation) , JAM , JACK dll)

sedikit ambil kelebihannya dari BDI itu "Run the system and you will realise that there is no loop! The reason is because when bob receives the second hello, it already has this belief in its belief base (BB). Since nothing changed in the BB, no event was produced, and thus no plan triggered."

mungkin segini aja dulu .. ane baru tau dasar2nya aja .. blom paham banget juga sih sebenernya cuma menarik untuk dibahas yang seperti ini ..
mungkin agan2 master agent BDI bisa menambahkan hal lain untuk menjelaskannya ..

Thx emoticon-Cendol (S)

blom ada yang maen ginia yah emoticon-Bingung (S)
skalian yang mau belajar ane dah nemu nih bukunya
[ask] BDI Agent (Jason , Jadex , MASON (similation) , JAM , JACK dll)

monggo yang mau disedot mempelajari dimari : ini gans