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Tanki Online,3D Web Based Tank Online Game
Tanki Online,New 3D Web Based Tank Online Game

Permisi Agan & Sista pecinta WB Game,saya ingin memberi sedikit informasi tentang sebuah 3D Online game berbasis Tank Battle alias "3D Tank Batle Based Online Game"

Pertama tama yang paling utama marilah kita panjatkan syukur kehadirat tuhan YME.

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Tanki Online,New 3D Web Based Tank Online Game

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Quote:About :
Tanki Online is a free browser online 3D-action game developed by AlternativaPlatform company.

The game combines the charm of Battle City from NES epoch, modern 3D-shooter dynamics as well as excitement of online games. With all these great elements Tanki Online doesn’t require HDD installation and can be run on any Internet-connected PC. Just complete the registration which won’t take more than a minute and take part in immense tank battles. The game is completely free. Each tank is controlled by a real person. Player vs player battles open great potential for fascinating challenges and cooperative actions.Take vengeance on your foes, form teams, invent tricky tactical moves — all means are good in the war. Go through rumble of turret guns and groaning of tracks to become a truly experienced fighter. The game has got a thought-out rank system. The higher your rank is, the more powerful your tank gets. A player gets access to new Hulls, turrets and other tank upgrades with each new rank.Tanki Online already deserved such prestigious awards like The Best Game without Publisher and The Best Technology at KRI 2009 expo and Technical Achievement at Russian Flash Awards 2009. But project development hasn’t stopped. We are constantly working on new elements, organize different contests and tournaments with precious prizes. Everyone can make a contribution to the game. Your ideas and offers are welcome!

Everybody will find something interesting for themselves in Tanki Online. It’s an easy to learn 3D-action game, an arena for serious competitions and place where you can make new friends and communicate with people from all over the world. So… get ready to rumble!

Quote:Game Rules (License agreement) :
Spoiler for Rules:

Quote:End User License Agreement
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How To Increase FPS and speeding up the loading.
Quote:1. You can increase FPS of the game by running Tanki Online as a separate application (using Standalone Flash Player).

2. You can also increase the FPS rate and improve the graphics quality by enabling hardware acceleration.

Quote:How To Play ?
his page will help you to become “an experienced beginner”, who doesn’t ask silly questions in game chat and enjoys the game more.

Game Loading
To play the game you do not have to download and install any programs; only Flash Player is needed. If you watch YouTube — you already have it on your computer. In case your Flash Player version is old — update your current version or install a new one.

The First Battle
Right after registration you will enter a special battle. All the players in this battle are newcomers. (i.e. their rank is equal to yours). Here you will learn to operate your tank and understand the basic functions of the game.

Tank Controls
Your tank can be controlled with the arrow keys or W,A,S and D keys. Press Spacebar to shoot, press Z and X to rotate the turret.
Tanki Online,New 3D Web Based Tank Online Game
Arrows or WASD keys – the tank’s movement keys (you can also use arrow keys on the numeric pad when the NumLock is off).
Z and X or < and > – Turret rotation.
C or ? – Center the turret.
Spacebar – Shoot.
1–5 – Use supplies (First Aid, Double Armor, Double Power, Nitro, Mine). The effect of each supply lasts for about 1 minute.

Enter – Type a message in the chat, press Enter again to send the message.
Ctrl+Enter or Т – Team chat.

F – Drop the flag. (Available in Capture the Flag mode only).
Tab – Shows the scoreboard of current battle. The scoreboard displays the names and scores of the players participating in the battle.
Del or Ctrl+\ – Self-destruction. It takes time to self-destruct. A skull will appear in the center of your screen. You can also self-destruct by driving your tank off the edges of certain maps.
P or Pause – Pause.

+ & – – Increase, decrease the game screen. Smaller screen provides higher FPS rates.
Q and E or PageUp and PageDown or [ and ] – Change camera position (vertical axis).

Left-click on a player’s nickname on the scoreboard to copy his/her nickname to clipboard (useful when you use the /vote player’s nickname command to complain).

Please note: Pressing multiple keys simultaneously may cause errors on some PCs, especially when arrow keys are used for movement. It may mean the tank is unable to shoot while moving, or rotate the turret while shooting. We don’t yet have an option to customize controls, but you can use the WASD keys as alternative controls.

Game Menu (Lobby)
Once you have finished your first battle, you will see something like this on the screen:
Chat on the left, battle list in the middle and details of the selected battle on the right.
Tanki Online,New 3D Web Based Tank Online Game
To enter a battle, choose any battle highlighted in green and click on the Play button under the details of the battle you selected.

Click the Create button at the bottom of the list of battles to create your own battle. The battle creation menu will appear. Not all maps will be available, but as your rank increases, more maps will become available.

The Play button may be disabled if the battle is full (maximum amount of allowed players) or if your rank isn’t permitted in the battle (too high or too low).

Please note: You can only create a battle within a certain range of ranks close to your own.

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