RIP Paul Walker pemeran Brian O'connor di FF :berduka

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RIP Paul Walker pemeran Brian O'connor di FF :berduka
ternyata bener gan Paul Walker pemeran Brian O'connor di beberapa film Fast & furious meninggal gan emoticon-Sorry ane kaget sih pas pertama denger beritanya terus dikira hoax eh pas liat diberitanya ternyata bener gan #RIPPaulWalker emoticon-Turut Berduka emoticon-Turut Berduka

nih gan ane liat di twitternya ada yg update tweet
Spoiler for RIP :
beneran gan emoticon-Turut Berduka
Quote:Original Posted By dhote747
beneran gan emoticon-Turut Berduka

diberita sih gitu gan,ane aja kaget liatnya
emoticon-Berduka (S) padahal idola ane tuh
emoticon-Turut Berduka emoticon-Turut Berduka emoticon-Turut Berduka
[QUOTE=designbyson;529ab7f1feca17de6c0001ac]emoticon-Berduka (S) padahal idola ane tu

namanya juga umur gan,gada yg tau
emoticon-Mewek: emoticon-Turut Berduka
Ane dapet berita dari
Quote:“The Fast and the Furious” movie star Paul Walker, 40, has died in a car accident Saturday afternoon in southern California, his agent confirmed to the Daily News.

The accident occurred in Santa Clarita — outside of Los Angeles — when Walker’s Porsche apparently lost control and crashed into a tree, TMZ reported. The car burst into flames and exploded.

Authorities are still investigating but TMZ reported Walker and another person in the vehicle died in the one-car accident. It is unclear who was driving at the time, TMZ reports.

Authorities told TV Station CBS 2 in Los Angeles the crash occurred at 3:30 p.m. on the 28300 block of Rye Canyon Loop in Valencia. The identities of the victims have not been released, CBS News reported.

Walker has been taking people on test drives of the car at a car show to raise money for victims of the typhoon in the Philippines, TMZ reported.

The actor is best known for starring in “The Fast and the Furious” franchise that has seven total movies.

dan fotonya
Quote:RIP Paul Walker pemeran Brian O'connor di FF :berduka
wah beneran ternyata emoticon-Turut Berduka
FF7 ga bakal rame dong emoticon-Matabelo
FF7 jadi gaada dia deh gan emoticon-Berduka (S)
turut berduka aja gan emoticon-Berduka (S)
RIP turut berduka ane gan
RIP om Paul emoticon-Berduka (S)
ga bosen gan ngurusin si paul? emoticon-Cool
Quote:Original Posted By kumi.yagami
ga bosen gan ngurusin si paul? emoticon-Cool

baru sekali gan ngurusin jd gak bosne emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak
wah seluruh dunia pasti ikut berduka nih juragan
mari kita kibarkan bendera setengah tiang
udah dari kapan tau gan emoticon-Cape d...