Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator

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Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator
Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator
Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator
Beijing SuperWing is a five-year old company that simply deals in aircraft design concepts. Its main product at the show was the CY-1 multi-purpose delta-canard fighter that uses a novel "side plate" to produce a stable flight performance without the need for expensive computer-driven fly-by-wire systems.

If a success, the CY-1 could combine the combat capability of the F-16 with a very short take-off and landing capability. The company so far has only produced a radio controlled model of the CY-1 and company officials made clear that they were at the show to find investors. Nevertheless, a company official stated that the PLA was "very interested" in this concept.
Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator

Photo: RD Fisher
Projected Specifications:
Length: 14.08m
Span: 8.32m
Engine Power: 7000kg
T-O Weight: 8500kg
T-O Distance: 300-400m
Landing Dist: 400-500m
Speed: Mach 1.6-1.8
Payload: 3000kg

The Guizhou LFC-16 is not a fighter. It's a technology demonstrator.
However, it is the first combat plane to be built by a private company and funding.

It has extremely high maneuverability. It has been compared with the F-16 and JF-17.

Maiden flight achieved in October 2009.

The CY-1 is a double-seater version of the LFC-16.

Flight performance:
- Maximum take-off weight: 9,000 kg
- Service ceiling: 17,000 m
- Maximum range: 2,800 km
- Engine thrust: 7644 N

Surprise: China LFC-16 fighter first flight successfully!

After the end of the 2004 Zhuhai Airshow, some online statistics reached a surprising fact: that is most attractive to the eye than friends shook sky SU-27 fighter jets, nor is pretty compact L-15 advanced trainer, but expensive Airshow stage appearance LFC-16 fighter model high agility weird.

In fact it is not just Chinese netizens are interested, even to foreign media, this aircraft also showed some interest in the United States, "Aviation Week and Space Technology" magazine for its evaluation is: "confusing model." .

Yes, this aircraft is not only confusing appearance, numbering confusing, even its life experience, use a bunch of confusing the issue is. So, let us approached the aircraft and recalling the history behind these puzzles together.

According to the official explanation of the Air, LFC-16 stands for "light (Light) fighter (Fighter) Chinese (China) -16", 16 aircraft for your internal number. The fighter is Air Group with civil aircraft design company "super wing" companies to "Eagle" advanced trainer body based on the use side duck layout technology designed for lightweight, high mobility fighter program. Features of this fighter program are: low price, high mobility, the installation of more advanced electronic equipment, are fighting type super cheap models, along with ground attack capability.

LFC-16: the world's first fighter maneuverability
Cause the majority of the last air show enthusiasts and professionals side note duck layout fighter CY-1 (a type of super-wing), in this name LFC-16 air show to debut again.

It is noteworthy that the aircraft using the original side of the Chinese-style duck aerodynamic layout, with the movable side fins and other patented technologies; series of innovative technologies such as pneumatic machine uses, including the canard aerodynamic fuselage side + layout, with the movable fin, and so a controlled vortex. By applying these techniques to improve the maneuverability and stability of the aircraft, or to reach the level of the propeller of the aircraft, while also greatly improved mobility. Allegedly, the aircraft if successfully developed, will likely become the world's first fighter maneuverability. Also the development of this aircraft costs from private venture capital funds, can be said to create a Chinese fighter development in the history of precedent.

LFC-16 uses the body side is quite unique, slightly below its canard plane, the width of a lot. Its role is to generate an estimated strong vortex in the vortex coupling canard large elevation induced in high lift airfoil. Help improve the performance and landing aircraft hovering capability. Improve aircraft maneuverability and stability depends on the vortex and active control servo deflection with side fins, making the aircraft can not use the case of fly-and thrust vector control technology, can maintain stability at high angles and better maneuverability. Maybe LFC-16 or is it really valuable secret swirl control technology. This new aircraft will enhance the combat capability of great significance in the future.

LFC-16 Technical data:
Length: 14.08 m
Wingspan: 8.32 m
Height: 5.03 m
Engine thrust: 7000kg
Normal takeoff weight: 8500kg
Takeoff distance :300-400 meters
Landing distance :400-500 meters
Maximum speed: M1.6-1.8
The maximum instantaneous circling angle: 30 degrees / sec
Maximum plug Weight: 3000kg
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Quote:CY-1 was developed by a new aviation company Beijing SuperWing Technology Research Institute Co. established sometime around 1997. The company so far has produced only one radio controled model. They went to Zhuai airshow to find investors. PLA "was very interested" but it seems, that guys from Beijing were unable to find money for further development. To challenge with Chengdu and Guizhou state-owned gigants is too hard. This company only sells designs, now it is unable to build them. Last one when I heard about CY-1 was late 2002.

Regarding to LFC-16, they share a lot of parts - it is closer to the operational version than CY-1, which is experimental plane. I still search for that info for my next web update.

Spoiler for More picture:

Terlepas dari sukses gaknya di pesawat, dengan adanya pesawat baru ini udah menambah perbendaharaan positive bagi Chinese aviation emoticon-Big Grin

Sorry, untuk gambar first flightnya ga ada karena udah dihapus dari forum tersebut.
kalau liat di mock up LCF 16 ada yg aneh terutama wing ekornya menekuk ke bawah?

Basis dari JF-17 kah? Block II / Block III JF17?emoticon-Bingung (S):
paling tidak nambah pilihan selain Grippen/Rafale buat jaga2 kalo kaepex gatot...emoticon-Kiss emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
meskipun konon statusnya saat ini masih jalan...emoticon-Malu (S)
Quote:Original Posted By iswahjudi
Basis dari JF-17 kah? Block II / Block III JF17?emoticon-Bingung (S):

Dari forum disebutkan perusahaan swasta ini (Beijing SuperWing) ngembangin desain punya Guizhou JL-9.
Quote:The project is not stalled, and its maiden test flight was in Oct 2009, just a few day before. LFC-16 is a variant of JL9 advanced training jet. JL9 is also known as FTC-2000 or Mountain Eagle, whose mainly parts are inherited from J-7.

LFC-16 has very little chance to adopted by PLAAF, so that Gui Zhou Aviation should focus on export market in the future. It would be the most fordable fighter jet in market. Source

Quote:He's referring to the Guizhou CY-1 or later LFC-16, which was actually based on a hevily modified JL-9 fuselage with these strange plates ... :emoticon-Smilie

Guizhou claimed to buit a vey stable configuration with a good STOL-performance without a sophisticated FBW-system.

Quote:This idea was pushed by the Beijing SuperWing Technology Research Institute Co., founded in China sometime in mid 90s. The idea was to develop some very cheap but effective trick to modify the old fighters (mostly J-7 or MiG-21) to increase their performance. The solution was proposed strictly for the export (Cina never considered to buy it for the PLAAF) and it was designed for the countries, that cant afford even the new cheap modern supersonic fighter like FC-1/JF-17. The idea was demonstrated on the small RC model. Beijing SuperWing wanted to find the investors to get some money, so they decided to present the idea on the Zhuhai airshow in 2002.

In 2004, the management of the Beijing SuperWing decided to increase their chances and they started to cooperate with the state-owned Guizhou company. Their joint proposal was named LFC-16 (Light Fighter China with the internal designation 16) and its new version was based on the Guizhou FTC-2000. The idea was the same - to develop the cheapest usefull successor of the MiG-21 for the next century, but they failed to find the investor. The idea is dead now. The second reason of its fail, except the missing investor, was the relatively smooth development process of the FC-1/JF-17 fighter.
ini buat apa? pasar expor ato dalam negeri?
Quote:Original Posted By st34dy
ini buat apa? pasar expor ato dalam negeri?

Dijelaskan di situsnya bahwa PLAAF ga minat sama proposal, jadi sama perusahaan ditargetkan hanya untuk ekspor. Tapi PLAN tertarik, baru rumor emoticon-Big Grin

[URL="|en&"]More picture here.[/URL]

Chinese super-wing one type LFC-16 technology demonstrator (Photos)

Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator
LFC-16 fighter model on display at the 2004 Zhuhai Airshow
Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator
LFC-16 fighter model on display at the 2004 Zhuhai Airshow
Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator
Display at the Zhuhai Airshow 2002 was called CY-1 tandem two-seater aircraft new technology concepts
Chinese CY-1 Technology Demonstrator

Kalo yang saya tangkap dari artikel2 yang disebutkan, Beijing SuperWing ngajuin CY-1 ke PLA, sempat dipamerkan di Zuhai Airshow 2002, tapi PLAAF ga tertarik. Lantas menjalin kerjasama dengan Guizhou menjadi LFC-16 (single seat) dan dipamerkan di Zuhai Airshow 2004. Tahun 2009 maiden test flight. But still looking for customer. Selain dari Kunlun, rumor di forum mengatakan kemungkinan pesawat ini akan memakai WP-13 atau WP-14 engine. Ga ngerti kalo soal ini.
Cendol buat TS... udah jadi sales dagangan ane.... emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L) emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)


Mending Indonesia lisensi ginian daripada buat KFX
Quote:Original Posted By MrBhass
Cendol buat TS... udah jadi sales dagangan ane.... emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L) emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)


Mending Indonesia lisensi ginian daripada buat KFX

Terima kasih Mod.
Quote:Original Posted By MrBhass
Cendol buat TS... udah jadi sales dagangan ane.... emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L) emoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L)


Mending Indonesia lisensi ginian daripada buat KFX

kalo JF-17 ga doyan mod?
Quote:Original Posted By st34dy

kalo JF-17 ga doyan mod?

Gak... emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
JF-17 itu barang pakistan subkon ke China.
China aja belum minat make koq.

Mending ini, penerus J-7.. apalagi J-7 udah stop produksi tahun ini.