China’s Tenth Aegis Destroyer Launched Soon!

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China’s Tenth Aegis Destroyer Launched Soon!
China’s Tenth Aegis Destroyer Launched Soon

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China’s Tenth Aegis Destroyer Launched Soon!
052D and 052C destroyes at shipyard

Recently a set of photos have appeared at Military Forum website that indicate imminent launch of China’s 10th Aegis destroyer.

Japan plans to build 4 Aegis destroyers, but China will build twice or thrice more similar or even better destroyers in the same period. China has begun series production 052D Aegis destroyer and will soon begin production of more advanced 055 destroyer with displacement exceeding 10,000 tons.

052D destroyer is equipped with new-type 64-cell VLS (vertical launch system) and a large active phased array radar. The VLS can launch various kinds of missiles the destroyer is armed with including DH-10 and CJ cruise missiles, HQ-9B long-range air defense missiles and YJ-18 anti-ship missiles. China is one of the three countries in the world that have mastery of the technology to launch anti-ship missiles from their VLS.

The destroyer has all kinds of battle systems including air-defense missile system, anti-ship missile system, anti-submarine system, anti-sonar system, electronic battle system, warning system, major gun system, close-range anti-missile system, navigation system and auxiliary systems.

Its advanced C41 combat command system is in charge of all the detection and monitor systems and control all its weapons and helicopter. It collects all the data and audio and video information it has detected and monitored, merges them to make synthetic analysis of them to make judgment of the tactical situation and thus help commanders in making their decisions. It can automatically or manually give combat orders to organize the destroyer’s weapons in combat.

The data and information it has collected will be transmitted to the command center above the destroyer for coordination in the battle with other warships in the fleet. The combat command system can also receive the coordinated plan from the command center to coordinate with other warships of the fleet in the attack.

The destroyer has 004B 3-cell torpedo launch devises on both sides that can launch Torpedo-7A, 7B and 7C and other torpedoes from one cell or all cells simultaneously.

It has especially strong anti-submarine capability due to its good sonar system and Torpedo-8 rocket boosting torpedoes specially designed to kill conventional and nuclear submarines.

Its single barreled 70 caliber, 130 mm gun is a new development with longer range and higher firing speed.

Source: “The tenth Aegis destroyer launched imminently, China’s navy development superior to Japan’s” (summary by Chan Kai Yee based on the report in Chinese)

There are 30 photos in the report but only one is posted here. All be photos can be seen at

China’s Tenth Aegis Destroyer Launched Soon!
Balik lg, sejak kapan cina pake AEGIS? Emang sejak kapan US ngasih ijin AEGIS dipake sama cina
wah hebat ya China bisa ngelobi AS buat ngasih AEGIS emoticon-Ngacir emoticon-siul:'eh maksud AEGIS disini AEGIS mana sih ? emoticon-Embarrassment

sejak china seteronggggg hahahahaa
Why bother still using the word of AEGIS, the product of USA their perceived frenemies instead using more Sinific name? Inferiority

AEGIS itu kan sebenernya nama dari sebuah system.

The Aegis Combat System (ACS) is an advanced command and control (command and decision, or C&D, in Aegis parlance), and weapon control system (WCS) that uses powerful computers and radars to track and guide weapons to destroy enemy targets.

Chinese "Aegis"

Chinese military, diplomatic, and media circles informally designate the Type 052D as "Zhonghuashendun / 中华神盾 Aegis". The new destroyer is equipped with a flat-array AESA radar, a 64-cell VLS and modern long-range anti-air missiles. The destroyer is expected to have capabilities approaching those of a US Navy Arleigh Burke-class destroyer.[29]
Ships of Class
Number Pennant Number Name Builder Launched Commissioned Fleet Status
1 172 昆明 / Kunming Jiangnan-Changxing 28 August 2012 South Sea Fleet Sea trial.
2 173 长沙 / Changsha Jiangnan-Changxing 28 December 2012 South Sea Fleet Fitting out.
3 175 贵阳 / Guiyang Jiangnan-Changxing 1 July 2013 South Sea Fleet Fitting out.
4 176 成都 / Chengdu Jiangnan-Changxing South Sea Fleet Under construction.
5 154 合肥 / Hefei Jiangnan-Changxing East Sea Fleet Ordered.
6 155 南京 / Nanjing Jiangnan-Changxing East Sea Fleet Ordered.
7 117 银川 / Yinchuan Dalian North Sea Fleet
8 118 太原 / Taiyuan Dalian North Sea Fleet

yep, istilah 'Aegis' itu lebih pas pake istilah 'AAW' aja emoticon-Big Grin

link Aegis pada chinesse Aegis mengarah pada Aegis Combat System milik US dimana tidak ada nama china sebagai pengguna emoticon-Ngakak


AAW yang bernama chinesse Aegis emoticon-Stick Out Tongue
AEGIS derajatnya udah kaya AQUA aja..
Apapun mereknya, AAW disebutnya AEGIS.. emoticon-Ngakak (S)
bisa dilisensi gak yah? emoticon-Matabelo

yup, buat d pasang di korvet 60 PAL emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-Ngacir

bukan sistemnya aja tapi kapalnya sekalian dunk emoticon-Big Grin
kalo kasus ini ane setuju banged ma si Agni
SM itu khusus untuk aegis gak? seperti halnya phoenix pada tomcat..?

Gak emoticon-linux2

Padahal APAR-nya yang dipake Destroyer terbaru Inggris diklaim lebih advance ketimbang sistem radarnya Arleigh Burke, tetap mereka nggak mau pake istilah Aegis, begitu juga AAW Fregate atau Destroyer Eropa lainnya. Kecuali memang media massa China dan China fanboy benar-benar jatuh cinta dengan AEGIS USA

Type-45 pake sampsons emoticon-Big Grin

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Kapan ya indonesia bisa bikin yang begituan...

Stay classy Chinaemoticon-Big Grin

Emangnya kelebihan burke apa aja selain AAW?