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[Online TCG]Fantasy Rivals.

[Online TCG]Fantasy Rivals.

[Online TCG]Fantasy Rivals.


Kalo agan pernah maen urban rivals, ini game dari developer yang sama. Cuman ane lebih seneng sama game ini, karena Artworknya lebih keren dan ability nya lebih beragam. Terus kalo card bonusnya juga ga harus dari clan yang sama, jadi lebih bisa dapet macem - macem strategi. Ayo ramein gan gamenya! emoticon-Kiss. Gamenya masih sepi, terus yang nguasain rata- rata rusia ama perancis, ane belom pernah ketemu orang indo nih emoticon-Matabelo

Oh iya game ini juga tersedia di beberapa platform lain yaitu:
- web
- Facebook
- Android mobiles and touchpads
- Iphone and Ipad (minimal configuration should be: Iphone 3GS - Ipad 1 - Itouch 4 and a 4.3 OS)
- Amazon Kindle Fire
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1. jabar11 - Arrogance
2, touma - leedah
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FAQ (In-English)

- How to change my profile pic, username… how can I modify my profile ?
For now, you can do this through this link :

- How can I get new cards ?
You can spend Golds / Credits to purchase card packs in our Shop (available through the Game -> Shop menu or directly through this link :
You can also check our game's Market here :

- Can I trade cards ?
There is no system for loans / gifts / trades, only the public Market, so please be aware that :
- trades through the Market are based upon mutual trust : you could easily be victimized by an evil-minded player
- trades through the Market are based upon luck : when you are completing a trade, a random player could purchase your card at a relatively low price even though it was meant to be traded with another player

For prevention, and because it's impossible for us to provide any security service nor resolve issues that could occur at this level (scams, mistakes while typing in a card's price, etc.), we decided to forbid trades.

This may seem a bit harsh, however it's still preferable than having issues while “trading” cards because we won't be able to help in any way.

Thank you for your

- How can I invite my friends to play the game ?
It's easy, please follow this link :

- I saw players using different titles, how can I obtain them / what can I find in the item Shop ( ) ?
In this page you can find all kinds of goodies to unlock : temporary bonus to earn more Gems, Golds, etc., but also beautiful backgrounds for the application, superb fighting animations designed with a lot of love, or even titles which will reveal your natural charism. More content will be added regularly.

- How can I sell my doubles / where is the Market ?
The Market is available here :
You can buy and sale cards in Gold or Credits. If you bought a card with Gold, then you will only be able to sell it in Gold. Same thing for a card bought using Credits.
Please note Market transactions in Credits are taxed of 1 Credit, and transactions in Gold are taxed of 5% of their value (10 Gold min.).

- Will my account be reset at the end of the beta ?
The closed beta has ended, so we won't reset accounts anymore (even when the game will be officially released).

- Where can I find the exhaustive list of fully evolved cards ?
There is no such list available. However, fansites will certainly make this kind of content available.
You can find the list of the Fondation cards here :

- How can I challenge a friend ?
Click on your friend in the friends list (second tab in the play screen), then click on the green button with the crossed sword, send the invite.
Your friend will immediately see the invite, accept or refuse and you'll be notified.
If your friend is already in a game, you'll join his game as a spectator and your private game will start automatically when his game will be done.

- How can I create a Guild ?
This is not possible for now. A Guild system will be designed in some time.

- What about the Treasures feature ?
It's a brand new feature which has been added recently. To find more informations about how it works, please check this topic :

- What is an expansion / what about the New Blood releases ?
To reply, here is the translation of an explanatory post from Fraggle : "New characters will be part of new expansions (expansions will be useful for the competitive deck formats, like the Standard, if you prefer). Expansions should be released on a bi-monthly basis and new characters will be released every two weeks, like on UR. And, unlike what has been said, all of the expansion's characters won't be released at the same time and there won't be a lot more than 10 characters per Faction. The first expansion you can already see will be called Vengeance . Those characters can already been seen under the “Heroes” tab . So, technically, there are between 8 and 10 characters that can't be currently obtained in the packs for each Faction.

And the name of the current “expansion” (it isn't an expansion because, by definition, an expansion is there to enrich the game basis) is “Fondation” ; it contains every base character which will always be playable everywhere."

- On which plateforms will Fantasy Rivals be available ?
As soon as it is officially released, on :
- web
- Facebook
- Android mobiles and touchpads
- Iphone and Ipad (minimal configuration should be: Iphone 3GS - Ipad 1 - Itouch 4 and a 4.3 OS)
- Amazon Kindle Fire

And a bit later, on :
- Blackberry Playbook and phones under Blackberry 10
- Windows Phone 8

- Why is it so long to fully evolve a card ?
Please note when you evolve a card, in fact you unlock levels. It means you permanently unlock levels for every double you (will) own in one go !

- One of my cards' bonus doesn't activate with one of its Faction's character, but only with another Faction's one ! Is this a bug ?
No, we wanted it this way so you have always more strategic options with your game.
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you may post now !

ayok ramein gan seru kok, yang punya android dan iphone juga bisa maen di hh kesayangannya (ane juga kadang maen pake hh ane). Kalo mau tanya2 di trit aja yak biar rame. emoticon-Ngakak
meninggalkan jejak
dan tes dl ya mas bro sekalian emoticon-Ngakak

ayo gan monggo di tes, dijamin nagih kok, disini juga untuk hebat ga perlu beli credit, karena league juga bisa dapet gem, dan ada weekly bonusnya buat yang leaguenya tinggi emoticon-Kiss. Selain league juga bisa didapet dari mission emoticon-Ngakak

abis buka golden pack dapet rare spectre, lumayan...

[Online TCG]Fantasy Rivals.
tak coba dolo.gameplaynya bagus nehemoticon-Matabelo
ini game sepintas ada unsur tebak2annya juga, krn mesti maen tebak2an brp mana yg bkal dpake musuh dalam waktu 4 turn buat mengakumulasi attack dr momonnya...emoticon-Ngakak (S)

paling rese klo beda 1 hp doank di last turn trus keok...emoticon-Hammer

ayo gan cobain, nagih kok emoticon-Cendol (S)

masih mending gan, kalo attacknya trus kita kalah, itu baru rese...emoticon-Ngakak
kok sepi ya,padahal neh game bagus. tinggal pintar2 sendiri nentuin kekuatan kartunya . emoticon-Bingung

bener gan emoticon-Ngakak
belom pada tau aja kali gan, add ane dong Arrogance, kita challenge sekali2, oh iya btw ane ulang lagi dari awal, gara2 stuck mission disuruh beli kartu pake kredit di misi 92 emoticon-Berduka (S)

para agan2 mending kalo beli kartu pake gold aja, karena di misi 92 kita disuruh beli card pack pake gems.

rasanya udah temenan emoticon-Shakehand2
IGN ane leedah. emang berapa kartu yang mesti dibeli pake gems/jewel ? penasaran ane emoticon-Matabelo

cuman se pack gan emoticon-Ngakak

ada update baru semua kartu di market jadi gold semua, enak nih emoticon-Ngakak
Diubah oleh jabar11
sepi banget
ramein dong, game bagus nih.
udah lumayan agak lama taunya ini game sih, tp entah kenapa disaya gak mau loading emoticon-Hammer
stuck mulu emoticon-Hammer

waduh yang bener gan? emoticon-Hammer
coba clear cache trus load lagi, agannya gak sabar kali emoticon-Ngakak, atau flash playernya belom yang terbaru mungkin? emoticon-Cendol (S)

udah gan tetep gak bisa, iya kayanya masalahnya diflash player, difirefox ane masih pakai yg 11.2 (karena versi akhir yg diLinux cuman sampe itu), ane coba pindahin library flashplayernya Google Chrome (yg versi 11.9) ternyata langsung hang pas buka webnya emoticon-Ngakak (S)

jd diundur dulu deh mainnya emoticon-Ngacir
nunggu ada versi HTML5nya aja, flash udah berat gak support pula emoticon-Hammer

add ane dong gan nick mangjuhai1 masih lv 7 hehe, btw itu yg misi ke 92 butuh brp gem buat beli packnya, jd bisa nabung dulu..
Ternyata bener, ane coba di Iron dengan flash player terbaru baru bisa buka emoticon-Hammer
coba dulu ahh bentaran emoticon-linux2

iron apaan ya gan, merk hp ato nama browser itu?

siap gann emoticon-Cendol (S)
dikit kok gan, cuman buat beli pack satu aja, paling 50an credit emoticon-Cendol (S)


wahahaha silahkan gan emoticon-Cendol (S)
Diubah oleh jabar11
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