[STROONG] RAFALE India diintegrasikan dgn senjata Russia

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[STROONG] RAFALE India diintegrasikan dgn senjata Russia
Is India aiming to boost the Rafale’s firepower with Russian missiles?
November 3, 2013 Rakesh Krishnan Simha

[STROONG] RAFALE India diintegrasikan dgn senjata Russia

The MMRCA contract stipulates that weapons of the IAF’s choice be integrated with the chosen aircraft. That leaves a window open for Russian missiles to be used on the Rafale.

If India and France are able to sign the final contract for the Rafale, then there is a possibility the French fighter-bomber will be armed with Russian claws.

According to Boris Obnosov, General Director of Russia’s Tactical Missile Weapons Corporation (TRV), if required the Moscow-based company is ready to adapt Russian missiles for the French aircraft. ‘‘These include long, medium and short-range air-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, guided aviation bombs and a large spectrum of submarine weapons. By their performance characteristics they are as good as if not better than best Western analogues,” he told the media at the MAKS air show in the Moscow Region.

During the bidding process for the Medium Multi-Role Combat Aircraft (MMRCA), India had stipulated that the first 18 aircraft be delivered with a full complement of integrated weapons. Dassault Aviation, the manufacturer, would, of course, want to equip the Rafale with French built missiles but there is another clause that requires the vendor to “integrate additional weapons of the Indian Air Force’s choice, as required”.

In fact, one of the reasons for the delay in the signing of the MMRCA contract could be the issue of third-party weaponry. “It seems likely the IAF and TRV are looking at future upgrades to the Rafale. But the matter could be one more complication that is preventing a conclusion of the Indian Rafale deal,” says Aviation News International.

[STROONG] RAFALE India diintegrasikan dgn senjata Russia

Mating Russian weapons with French warplanes is not really rocket science any more. The Iraqi Air Force Mirage’s F1EQ fighters have carried the Vympel Kh-29L air to surface missiles, which are designed to strike hardened ground and surface targets such as big railway and highway bridges, aircraft in reinforced concrete shelters and ships. The South African Air Force Mirage F1s carried the R-73E short range air-to-air missiles. This versatile missile has also been test fired from India’s Tejas Light Combat Aircraft.

Fire power advantage

The ability to use Russian weapons would only help the Rafale in export competitions. In this backdrop, Obnosov pointed out that France is not averse to the idea of using Russian missiles if it helps them sew up the India deal. “They have some interest in the adjustment of our products to the French Rafale fighter,” he said.

However, Obnosov added: “This question cannot be resolved quickly as any other work (but) we are in the process of settling it.”

India will definitely be pushing for this tie-up as it has large stocks of Russian missiles. Also, other than the French MICA air-to-air missiles that came with the Mirage 2000, the IAF does not have any Rafale-compatible weapons.

The only barrier may be technical but Defence Industry Daily points out that it may not come cheap. “Unless the TRV/Dassault partnership develops a Universal Weapon Interface for TRV’s products, and probably modifies a number of the missiles themselves, that kind of integration and testing is time-consuming and expensive,” it says.

To be sure, the Rafale doesn’t do too badly with its own complement of weapons. DID says that a combination of French made infrared scan and track systems and MICA infra-red medium-range missiles allows the Rafale to supplement its radar-guided missiles with passively-targeted, no-warning attacks on enemy aircraft from beyond visual range (BVR). At present, this capability is only duplicated by Russian aircraft: Sukhoi’s Su-27/30 Flanker family, and advanced MiG-29s.

Missile dilemma

Air superiority being the raison d’etre of air forces, air-to-air missiles are a critical component of a fighter aircraft. Because the efficacy of BVR missiles – the primary battle axe of fighter pilots – is itself in doubt, the IAF needs to have the best available air-to-air missile.

Until the 1980s – before the Flanker arrived in the skies – the Russians were up against highly sophisticated aircraft such as the F-14, F-15 and F-16. To counter these aircraft, they developed a range of missiles designed to down the F-series fighters. It is the reason why even now Russian aircraft take to the air with a full complement of air-to-air missiles for a broad spectrum of missions. More than any other air force, the IAF has understood and adopted this strategy.

The French MICA simply doesn’t have the pedigree of the missiles from the Russian stables. So the questions before the IAF are: Will the insistence on having Russian missiles on the Rafale jack up the price? And what is the tradeoff in capability if India buys French missiles?

The deputy chief of air staff Air Marshal S. Sukumar said at a conference that the contract with Dassault Aviation will be finalised before the end of the government’s current fiscal year, which ends on March 31, 2014. The French were hoping to lock in the deal in 2013, but the mysterious death of chief Indian negotiator Arun Kumar Bal on October 2 slowed down the talks.
As with any Indian defence deal, it’s not over till it’s over.


Wuiihh kalo beneran bisa terjadi, semua senjata Russia bisa nancep di RAFALE... bakalan banyak yg beli nih...... emoticon-Kiss
Rafale with Krypton Missile emoticon-Matabelo emoticon-Matabelo

i will promote it instead of Su 35 BM ................ emoticon-Ngacir
maaf klo oot, atau mngkn nyerempet RoE, misil buatan prancis ama rusia kualitasnya gimana sih?
atau ini mngkn usaha india buat menyederhanakan logistik?

Betul itu buat menyederhanakan logistik dan juga meningkatkan kemampuan multi role nya Rafale, bayangkan Rafale disuruh bawa Air launched Brahmos emoticon-Matabelo

Stock logistic missile IAF itu sebagian besar isinya rudal Russia semua, walaupun India juga punya Specat Jaguar sama M2000 sih tapi jumlahnya gak terlalu banyak dibandingkan missile Russia emoticon-Big Grin
Untuk sederhanakan logistik aje ane kira

Pernah baca baca kalo MICA itu kelebihannya adalah awet, bisa disimpen 25 tahun

sebenernya gimana sih gan, soal MRCA itu ?...apa Dassault cuma ngeyakinin INDIA, kalo Rafale itu, ga akan menjadi Logostical Nightmarenya India ? atau cuma 'mancing' India aja ?

Owh pantes salah satu user pengen pesawat iniemoticon-Big Grin

Jangan dianggep iak..........................................emoticon-Ngacir
kalaupun bisa, yg menjamin performa rudal-pesawat tetep pancen oye ntar siapa?

inikan prosesnya tender, India punya pertimbangan, kalo India ga mau kesulitan logistik fighter ya dia pasti pilih MiG-35, mereka punya fulcrum dan rudal rusia. ada alasan yang lebih kuat dari kesulitan logistik pastinya. kalo ga salah pembelian rafale ini buat ngebantu Tejas,

soal Tender ane dah tau gan, maksut pertanyaan gw, apakah ini sengaja di ada2-kan, untuk memuluskan tender di india ?

yang bener sih beli rafale karena kegagalan tejas emoticon-linux2
sayang kalo ngomong jujur gini di bharat rakshak yang ada ai kena banned permanen emoticon-linux2
buset pespur barat make rudal rusiaemoticon-Matabelo

Hmm Tejas kan diproyeksikan sebagai pengganti MiG-21 sebagai Light Fighter single engine dgn payload 3-4 Ton.
Sedang Rafale masuk ke ranah Medium multirole yg sebelumnya diisi tiga jenis pesawat (Jaguar, Mirage dan MiG-29). Nanti disederhanakan jadi sejenis aja yaitu Rafale.
Hubungan Tejas dgn Rafale sama2 erat karena mesin Tejas itu pake Kaveri, teknologi pengembangan dari snecma M88 mesin Rafale

udah lama kali, perang iran iraq, finlandia pas cold war, cmiiw

sebenarnya sampai sejauh mana sih pengembangannya tejas saat ini?
Udah sejak 70-an malah gan:
- saat Yom Kippur tentara Israel yg merebut lanud dekat suez menemukan segambreng rudal R-3S (AA-2 Atoll) yg langsunhg dipasang di Mirage _ntuk ngerontokin MiG

- Saat perang Iran Irak, Irak masang magic 550 di MiG-21 dan 23 mereka

-Finlandia itu kalo ga salah masang AA-8 aphid mereka di hawk mereka, CMIIW

- dan yg terbaru yaitu Afsel masang R-73 di Mirage F-1 mereka terus terakhis ya Irak yg masnag kh-29


Tejas Mk.1 kan dah masuk line produksi, india dah mesen koq, tinggal tunggu delivery. Next pengembangan ke Tejas Mk.2 buat angkatan laut.
Kelamaan karena nungguin mesin Kaveri, ujung2 nya pake mesin GE F414 juga

kaya disini ga bisa aja............ malah disini kapal barat pake AShm Rusia bisa kok
Su-30KI dulu yang ditawarin ke indonesia juga bukannya bisa pake pensil barat?

pengembangannya udah jauh banget deh pokoknya... dari taon 80-an sampe sekarang dikembangkaaaan terus sampai2 kagak operasional soalnya always under development emoticon-Ngacir