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[bukan thread sales] A400M development fleet makes 2000th flight
[bukan thread sales] A400M development fleet makes 2000th flight
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Quote:Airbus Military’s five-strong development fleet of A400M new generation airlifters has completed its 2,000th flight. The aircraft that made the milestone flight, a routine flight-test sortie from Manching to Toulouse on 18 October, was the 5th aircraft, known as MSN6 and nicknamed Grizzly 5. Since the first flight of the A400M on 11 December 2009, the development fleet has clocked up 5,665 flight hours. The photo shows the crew of the aircraft with supporting ground crew in front of Grizzly 5 immediately after the flight.


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Quote:Airbus has won an award in recognition for its contribution to European economy and integration. The prestigious “Golden Victoria for the European Idea of the Year”, awarded by the German Association of Magazine Publishers (VDZ), was handed over by European Union Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger to Airbus Chief Operating Officer Günter Butschek at the “Publishers’ Night” in Berlin. It is the first time the accolade was given to a company. Previous laureates include European Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

"Airbus is European integration in action. Our success highlights what Europe can achieve when working together", said Günter Butschek. "From start-up to world market leader in such a strategic and competitive industry – I hope that our success story sends a signal to other European business leaders and decision makers."

The VDZ Board considered Airbus to be an outstanding example of European leadership, stating that Airbus highlighted the strength of the European ideal and the immense achievements that can be accomplished by a joint European undertaking, when stakeholders align.

It all began with “Europe’s dream of flying“: Some forty years ago, the idea to create a common European aerospace company was shared by Germany, France, Spain and, later, the United Kingdom. The nations joined forces to develop aircraft Made by Europe that would be produced at facilities in various countries. Few expected the newly formed Airbus to break into the world market. Over time, however, Airbus not only built aircraft that were able to compete, but became the world’s leading aircraft manufacturer in the last decade. Today, Airbus has sold more than 13,000 aircraft to nearly 500 customers and operators worldwide. Headquartered in Toulouse, France, Airbus is an EADS company.

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