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Senjata Baru Buatan Romania, AK-556

The Romanian Army 5.56x45mm Rifle

Senjata Baru Buatan Romania, AK-556

556 Romanian RIfle-1

The Romanian Army has publicly unveiled the prototype of their new 5.56x45mm service rifle at the Expomil 2013 military exhibition in Bucharest. The rifle does not yet have an official name and is just being referred to as the “New 5.56mm Army Rifle”. The prototypes have been in use with Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan and will soon enter mass-production.

Senjata Baru Buatan Romania, AK-556

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As you can see in the photos, it is based on the AK platform but with quite a few changes. They moved the charging handle to the right side of the gas tube. It point upwards at a ~45 degree angle and is non-reciprocating. The handle cannot be switched to the left side. All the new rifle designs, including the AK-12, have either ambidextrous charging handles or handles on the left where it is more ergonomic for right-hand shooters. Placing it on the right hand side, and at a upward angle, is a strange design decision.

The fire control selector has safe, semi-automatic, 3-round burst and automatic modes. The switch is ambidextrous. The dust cover is hinged and has a standard picatinny rail on top.

It will be made in a rifle version with a fixed adjustable stock and a compact carbine version with a shorter barrel and fixed wire stock.

Senjata Baru Buatan Romania, AK-556
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Many thanks to Val for the information.

mirip dengan AK-12 tapi pake kaliber 5.56. sepertinya buat gantiin AIM & AI-74 yang dipake Militer Romania.
Senjata Baru Buatan Romania, AK-556
masih cakep an SS series..emoticon-Ngacir
calon trit gambar... yakin gak??? emoticon-Embarrassment
Kok penggantinya masih berbasis ak-47 sama kayak tetangganya Serbia, pengganti zastava m70 masih berbasis ak-47 yaitu zastava m21. Beda dengan negara Eropa Timur lainnya uang sudah ganti AK-47 dengan senapan modern macam M4, F2000, G36, Galil ACE, bahkan senjata baru bikinan Ceko, Kroasia, & Montenegro tidak lagi berbasis AK-47. Polandia sendiri sudah berencana ganti beryl yang masih berbasis AK-47 dengan MSBS mulai tahun 2014 ini
long live AK
Dan tampilan fisik AK legacy masih kental kerasa
Quote:Original Posted By Metroplex
Dan tampilan fisik AK legacy masih kental kerasa

Iya, padahal Romania sudah jadi anggota NATO & negara2 Eropa Timur sudah ganti AK-47 dengan senapan yang lebih modern macam m4, g36, & f2000
masih lebih sexy SS series,apalagi sekarang variantnya banyak,soal desain AK series emang legendaris emoticon-Malu (S)