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our Philosophy

Bali Moments is offering the finest in Bali complemented with a wide range of quality and friendly services. Our villas are featured in some of the most prestigious architectural design and are among the most exclusive homes in their respective destination, for their design, location, personality and features.

Our Motto is "Bring holiday in your life to make memorable moments."

We want our guest to have memorable moment on their holiday.
Our villas are usually in secluded areas, far from the crowds and it is up to you whether or when you want to see and be seen.
Moments Bali give experience the absolute freedom that only a villa can give: Imagine the luxury of having breakfast barefoot in your pajamas, of choosing where and when your dinner should be served, or of not worrying if your kids are running around shouting. Give the chef the night off and surprise everyone with your cooking skills!
There are no "off-limit" areas in a private villa. You can go in the kitchen anytime you like, swim in your pool watching the stars, or move your lounge chair to that spot you were dreaming of reading your book at since the moment you arrived.
Real family moments
A villa offers the opportunity to really enjoy the company of your family or friends to the fullest. Having drinks at the terrace enjoying the sunset all together, playing cards under the shade, or just having some good laughs no matter how late it got, these will be the moments of your vacation that you will cherish the most.
Experience a place as those knowing it would
Moments Bali are designed so as to maximize the experience of the area they are located in. They don't provide a "sterilized" hotel environment, rather they reflect the personality of their owner and are fully adapted to the way of life of the island or resort they are located in. When staying in a villa you get to know more about the destination you are visiting. And if you want to learn even more about that area, our Guest Assistant will very happy to assist for more interesting ideas.