Drone memperkenalkan Drone barunya Shahed-129 [flight test 28 Sept]

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Iran memperkenalkan Drone barunya Shahed-129 [flight test 28 Sept]
IRAN memperkenalkan Drone barunya Shahed-129 [flight test]

Iran's Revolutionary Guard has unveiled an attack drone, capable of carrying missiles and described as the unit's "most sophisticated" so far. The Guard's website,, says General Mohammad Ali Jafari unveiled the drone on Friday. He is quoted as saying the all-Iranian-made drone is a strategic asset in protecting the nation's borders.

The website says the drone, dubbed Shahed-129, or Witness-129, can fly up to a distance of 1,700 kilometres (1,062 miles), which puts much of the Middle East within its range. It says the drone has a 24-hour non-stop flight capability, can carry eight bombs or missiles, and hit both fixed and moving targets.

Drone memperkenalkan Drone barunya Shahed-129 [flight test 28 Sept]


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Jerusalem Post

UAV can hit stationary, mobile targets up to 1,700 km away, and fly for 24 hours on a single fuel run, Iranian press reports.

jerusalem post

Hadehhh judulnyaaa...jeyuk mam jeyuk...

iya salah gan.. emoticon-Cape d... (S)
hasil nangkep RQ170 kyknya, desainnya cmpuran dr 3 UAV sxligus, Thales Watchkeeper 450, TAI anka male n hermes 450

koyoknya gan... yg bikin kaget ada lambang hizbullahnya di pesawatnya, jgn2 bakal dipake sama hizbullah buat warfare yah lawan israel
Not sure if legit or just propaganda.
repost trit pertamax yang ane bikin

mohon kerelaan hati otters-jan diskusi digabung trit ane aja ya hehehe