The Champ (1979), Film Tersedih Menurut Penelitian..

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The Champ (1979), Film Tersedih Menurut Penelitian..
Halo agan agan, ane cm mau share aja film paling sedih yang pernah ane tonton dan kebetulan film ini dinobatkan sebagai film tersedih sepanjang sejarah berdasarkan penelitian, mau tau kisahnya, yuk mari disimak gan agan..

The Champ (1979), Film Tersedih Menurut Penelitian..

For Info:

Film Keluarga bertemakan hubungan antara ayah single parent dengan anak yang sangat erat, dimana kemudian muncul permasalahan kemunculan tiba2 si ibu dan permasalahan keuangan yang dialamai sang ayah. Demi menghidupi anaknya sang ayah yang mantan petinju rela bertinju kembali agar sang anak dapat hidup dengan layak, akan tetapi pilihan menjadi petinjulah yang menyebabkan kesedihan mendalam bagi sang anak..

Kenapa disebut film tersedih yang pernah ada??

Pada tahun 1988, psikolog Robert Levenson dan Gross James mulai meneliti film yang dapat mendatangkan respon emosional yang kuat dalam uji coba laboratorium. Setelah mengevaluasi lebih dari 250 film dan mensurvei hampir 500 subjek, mereka menemukan bahwa cuplikan tiga menit di ending film the Champ dapat memicu kesedihan secara alamiah tanpa dibuat buat.

Buat cuplikan video yang dimaksud gan;
Spoiler for Spoiler clip:

ini gan beberapa reviewan dari luar sana mengenai mengapa film ini dinobatkan sebagai film tersedih sepanjang masa.

The Champ: Saddest movie ever?
It's official: Watching a young Ricky Schroeder bawl uncontrollably is scientifically proven to make most humans reach for a hanky.

Need a good, prolonged, cathartic cry? You best watch The Champ, the 1979 drama starring Jon Voight as a doomed boxer, and a young Ricky Schroeder as his not-exactly-cheery son. "Scientifically" speaking, the film boasts the saddest movie scene of all time, according to researchers who concluded that The Champ's heart-walloping punch has never been equalled. Here, a brief guide:

What exactly did scientists discover?
In 1988, psychologists Robert Levenson and James Gross began studying film clips that elicit "strong emotional responses in laboratory settings," says Richard Chin at Smithsonian. After evaluating more than 250 films and surveying almost 500 test subjects, they found that the three-minute climax of The Champ provoked detectible sadness in more lab subjects than the other contenders. Not even the death of Bambi's mom could measure up.

What goes on in this sobber of a scene?
(Warning: Spoilers lie ahead.) At the emotional highpoint of The Champ, Schroeder's character cheers on his father to a win in the boxing ring, only to watch him die from injuries, inconsolably moaning over him, "Champ, wake up!" (Watch the video below.) The scene efficiently inspires instant weeping because "most human beings find nothing more heartbreaking than a grief-stricken child," suggests Jen Chaney at The Washington Post.

Is this finding widely known?
Levenson and Gross' findings were published in 1995, but it wasn't until Smithsonian's article this month that a wider swath of Americans discovered The Champ's status as the ultimate weeper. Still, starting in the mid-1990s, the scene became a "must-see in psychology laboratories around the world," says Chin, used in "innumerable" experiments to induce sadness that could then be analyzed. Scientists have long struggled to find ethical ways to elicit negative emotions and, since "people are willing to pay money to see tearjerkers," The Champ clip fits the bill. It's also simply the quickest way to get people to cry "without punching them in the face," says Adam K. Raymond at New York.

What scientific theses has this clip been used to test?
Whether depressed people are more likely to cry than those who aren't, whether sad people are more likely to spend money, and the effect of sadness on binge-eating. A study that went viral in January, revealing that women's tears are a sexual turnoff to men, relied on The Champ to produce tears in its subjects.

Did Levenson and Gross only study sad films?
Nope. They used the same method to identify film scenes that reliably induced seven other emotions, including disgust and surprise. The fake orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally "evoked maximum amusement," says the International Business Times, along with scenes from Robin Williams Live!. The Shining and Silence of the Lambs were most likely to cause fear, while My Bodyguard and Cry Freedom elicited anger most reliably — at least in the relatively small sample of subjects involved in the study.

Does everyone agree that The Champ is the saddest?
Of course not. Haley Joel Osment's tearful conversation with Toni Collette in the car at the end of The Sixth Sense "always guts me," says Chaney. Sally Field's funeral monologue in Steel Magnolias and the "exquisitely sad montage" that begins Pixar's Up also "kills me every time." The "to me, you are perfect" scene in Love Actually is good for an "unrequited love" weep, says Kate Ward at Entertainment Weekly, while Sam carrying Frodo up Mount Doom in the final Lord of the Rings film never fails to cause a "disgusting, snot-filled" cry.

Sumber :

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overall penilaian dari ane:

Storyline: 8,5/10
Acting : 9/10
Sadness: 10/10

Buat yg penasaran sama actingnya nih bocah, monggo di downlo
pertamax dong ane gan...

tapi ane blm pernh nonton pilem ini, jadi kaga tau dah sedih pa ga, tp kayanya pelm jadul ya

film jadul tahun 1979 gan, klo mau nonton siapin tisue satu kardus gan, ane aja yg cowo umur 30 klo nonton nih film masih mewek, wkwkwkwkwk
ntar deh ane download gan, tapi film-film jaman sekarang udah banyak yg sedih juga kali gan for ex: you're the apple of my eye atau hello ghost. yg paling baru mah miracle in cell no. 7 emoticon-Sorry

hello gost ditengah2 masih garing gan, di endingnya doang yg bikin nyesek, yg lain yg agan sebut blm ane tonton gan..

klo nonton the champ, dari menit ke 10 jg agan udh bisa ngerasian kepedihan nih anak..

dulu nih film sempet diputer di metro TV, sumpah waktu itu ane nangis sebombay2nya gan, kwkwkwwkwk
iya sih sekarang emang udah banyak film yang sedih gitu.
contohnya yang udah pernah ane tonon: hachiko sama i ma ai ni yukimasu ( be with you )

Bnyk yg sedih tp blm menyandang predikat tersedih, even 10 besarnya gan..
belom pernah nonton gan
ntar ane coba cari deh emoticon-Matabelo

cari gan lumayan nih film
ane baru tau judul nih film gan..
coba cari filmnya ah..
buat ditonton rame2..

makasih infonya gan..
belum pernah denger pilemnya gan ..
ane cuma tau lagu "we are the champ" emoticon-Ngakak
Asli gan sedih

sedih blom tau kisahnya emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak

Spoiler for Id HoN Murah:
ane blum nonton gan.... emoticon-Matabelo
ane ngaskus di hp nihemoticon-Ngakak ninggalin jejak dlu dah nanti ane donlot
download ah ntar...

biasanya nyiapin tissue buat film yang lain Gan emoticon-Ngakak
bagi link donlot dong gans.. emoticon-Betty

film sedih yang baru-baru udah pada disebutin diatas. tambahin juga Harmony.
tapi emang rata2 film asia sih..
belum pernah nonton gan, ntar deh ane download emoticon-Big Grin
ah, yg bener gan emoticon-Big Grin
ane belum pernah nonton emoticon-Mewek

download dulu _________________________________ emoticon-Ngacir
coba donlod ah ntr
moga jadi inspirasi buat jadi ayah yg lebih baik emoticon-Matabelo