[Exclusive PICs] Madonna di Umur 20 Tahun

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[Exclusive PICs] Madonna di Umur 20 Tahun
August 16, 1958 was born Madonna Louise Ciccone - the future symbol of the era and pop diva, later proved to be a well worthy to bear the name Madonna. But at the beginning of her musical career, many condemned the young singer for such a pretentious stage name.

Photos of Madonna did not depart from the pages of tabloids and magazines for over 30 years - the public has consistently and genuine interest following the events of her creative and personal life. On the day of the 55th anniversary, we decided to remember the singer looked like and what the future star was living in the age of 20, when she was known to millions of fans only in her own dreams and fantasies ...

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[Exclusive PICs] Madonna di Umur 20 Tahun
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