[Web & FB] Fishao : Fish Always Online !

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[Web & FB] Fishao : Fish Always Online !
[Web & FB] Fishao : Fish Always Online !

Status : Close Beta

FISHAO is a real-time multiplayer game which is playable in a browser. It is not a simple point and click puzzle game, but a true cute looking open world fishing browsergame. It’s a social game that will be available both on Facebook and at
Players can customize their own character, meet new friends, compete in online tournaments, complete achievements and catch many fish (more then 150) to complete their Fishdex.
The real-time multiplayer aspects are being utilized in a variety of ways. Players walk around in real-time through each zone with more than 100 players per area. They can chat with each other, add each other as friends, and play minigames where co-operation is necessary.
In each area NPC’s can be seen walking around. They tell funny stories, give you tips or even quests. “Players can talk to NPC’s and some of these NPC’s can give you access to restricted subareas or give you a daily quest to catch a certain amount of a specific fish”, says Joppe Houpt (CEO).
The idea came from the Creative Director of the company, Daimy Stroeve: “Maybe the serious part of fishing is not suitable for everyone, but at least the surprise factor of fishing can be fun for everyone”, he goes on to explain, “We have a well-thought out algorithm, some fish can only be caught at a specific time or month. For example a certain type of fish may only be catchable in July, at night. The social factor is in addition to the actual fishing part, which is the biggest asset of the game.”

Real-time multiplayer, play with 100+ friends at the same time
Chat, meet new friends and play minigames with co-operation
Playable in your browser on and Facebook
Customize your own character
Compete in online tournaments
Complete your Fishdex
Play daily quests
Day and night system
Weather system

Spoiler for Screenshots:
IGN : Kazuten

main di english 1 emoticon-Cendol (S)
gan kok sepi amat ya? semuanya 0 cuman di English 1 isinya 3 orang yg online
cara dapetin beta key bagaimana ? emoticon-Sorry
ane ikutan daptar gan emoticon-Ngakak

ign : ACAN
server : english 1

ref gw gan, kalo ada yang maw daftar pake ini aja,,mayan gw dapet gold emoticon-Ngakak
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