[Upcoming] Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst [Steam]

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[Upcoming] Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst [Steam]
Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst
[Upcoming] Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst [Steam]



Quote:Release Date: Winter 2013
Genre: Fighting
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: CyberConnect2

Quote:Announced yesterday during the Japan Expo in Paris, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 is getting an upgrade this winter, with fresh missions, enhanced visuals, a new playable character and — most importantly — a PC version.
Namco Bandai is calling this enhanced version of the last installment of CyberConnect2's long-running franchise Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3: Full Burst. The new installemnt pads the already lengthy storm mode with a new chapter, pitting the Uchiha brothers against new playable character Sage Mode Kabuto. There'll be 100 new missions to keep players occupied, revamped cinematics, and all 38 DLC costumes will be included in the pack as well.


Spoiler for 1:

Spoiler for 2:

Spoiler for 3:

Spoiler for 4:

Spoiler for Download link :

Spoiler for Spec:

Spoiler for YOWW:

UPDATE: krack buat main multiplayer *TS belom nyoba
Spoiler for yow:
AKhirnya keluar juga yang ditunggu-tunggu emoticon-Matabelo
udah ada threadnya bagus nih emoticon-Jempol
nabung dulu buat beli ori, biar bisa multiplayer emoticon-Games
eh,judul nya salah yah,ketinggalan "naruto" nya emoticon-Hammer
Ah Naruto yg diberitakan di Dark side of gaming yah ini....eheheh

tapi jujurnya gw ga terlalu fond ama Naruto sih sejak masuk seri shinpunden ceritanya udh agak aneh...bisa dibilang...sudah ga jelas ke mana2...emoticon-Ngakak

ini sebenernya ceritanya gmn yah gw udh ga ngikutin naruto sejak pengkhianatan si sasuke aja...udh gt mulai ada ninja2 yg mustinya udh mati jadi pada hidup semua Bingung ane...jadi males ngikutinnya yah moga2 game ini bs memperjelas yah dibanding baca komiknya yg panjang bgt
Waaah, Seuirous Nih ? Wintermah Bentar lagi atuh,,heheheheheh
akhirnya mau da juga di pc....emoticon-Ngakak
tinggal tunggu aja nih kan winter baru keluar nih game
SERIUS nih gan????!!!

YEAH!!! akhirnya naruto muncul juga di pc!! emoticon-Selamat
Waduh, nambah juga nih sama masuknya kabuto... Terus, entar form barunya obito bakal masuk gak ya?
akhirnya nih game muncul juga.
emoticon-Matabelo emoticon-Matabelo emoticon-Matabelo

terakir maenin naruto yang ps 2 pake emu.
emoticon-Cape d... (S)
ane bantu buat update deh emoticon-Malu

Quote:Frequently Asked Questions

Q : gan, ini game berat ya ?
A : coba sendiri gan emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

Q : gan, takut gakuat nih spec ane, gimana nih ane cupu soal gituan
A : kalo emang bener-bener ngeblank soal spec, silahkan buka

Q : gan, bedanya sama di console (ps3, xbox360) apa ya gan ?
A : yang jelas more prettier, selebihnya (misi, costume, unlockable characters) sama gan

Q : gan, kayanya seru yah kalo main online gitu.. caranya gimana gan ?
A : pake cara ini gan

Q : gan caranya biar main pake stik gimana ya? kok stik ane ga ke detect
A : pake cara ini atau ini

Q : Won’t Launch or other Launch Issues
A : First of all, make sure you have installed Steam Client, all redistributables from installer folder such as DirectX, Microsoft Visual C++, or .Net Framework 4.0. For more guide read this article.

Q : Sound Stuttering or krackling Problems
A : First of all, update the Sound Card Drivers to the latest if problem persists then change the sound quality down to 44100Hz, hope it works. Also install the latest DirectX.

Q : Low Performance or FPS
A : It is the very usual issue, just turn-off Supersampling and V-Sync from game graphic setting menu and then set it up on NVidia Control Panel.

In NVidia Control Panel, go to Program Settings
Now add the NS3FB.exe in it
Change V-Sync to Adaptive half refresh rate
Click ok and apply
If you are not able to do the above step, then get help from this Screen Shot.

Q : isn’t launching due to missing nuSound2_win.dll
A : To fix this problem, you will need to re-install the game but disable the Antivirus before installing. It is also recommended to update the Antivirus program to fix this issue permanently.

Q : Setting Keyboard Controls
A : If you have any confusion that how to set the default controls to keyboard, then this image may help you.

Q : How to make any gamepad working?
A : To use any gamepad working with PC’s Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 Full Burst, take a look on Zuemiak's guide.

Q : How to exit the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 FB?
A : To quit the game, just press ALT+F4.

Q : Broken or Black Menu and Graphical Error
A : It’s a much known issue, just wait for patch to fix this problem.

Q : ‘Transmition Error – Ending Session’ error during multiplayer match
A : It is the internet connection problem; restart the Steam client and system too. If problem persists then turn-off your router for 30 minutes and then try again. You can also try the above solution to improve internet connectivity.

Q : Msvcr100.dll, Msvcr110.dll or Msvcr120.dll Missing
A : These Dll missing due to Microsoft Visual C++, it is also must have a redistributable which require game titles. ‘The Application failed to initialize properly (0x000007b) error is also cause of them. You need to fix them by uninstalling previous from Control Panel.

Download the latest Microsoft Visual C++ 2010, 2008 and 2012 to fix these issues and problems.

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008
Microsoft Visual C++ 2010
Microsoft Visual C++ 2012

After downloading and installing, restart the system to apply the updates and hope it will fix issues.

Credits: Thread agan

naruto versi pc kah ?? emoticon-Bingung (S)
wah ada ke pc juga nih hehe emoticon-Selamatasekkkk
Whoaaa majide, soal anime ama manganya ane uda drop....

Tapi klo gamenya ini lho emoticon-Belo Kaga bisa nolak, gameplay fighting nya asik banget hahahahaha
And it's finally come to PC Feel excited emoticon-Big Grin
seriusan nih bakal muncul di PC ???
smoga ga PHP yah, bener" pengen main yg versi Ultimate Ninja Storm soalnya,
heuheu emoticon-Mewek
Wah..keren nih..mudah2an bener2 rilis di PC & gak ditunda2.. emoticon-Hammer2
Finally !! NARUTO's GAME ON PC !!! emoticon-Kiss
Ditunggu releasenya emoticon-Angkat Beer
grapichnya mantap gan emoticon-thumbsup
minimu system req nya gede nih kayanya emoticon-Berduka (S)
Akhirnya setelah mortal kombat sekarang naruto di pc juga gak sabar pengen mainemoticon-Matabelo
ikut ngantri gan, moga gak lama lagi keluarnya