center Co-diector needed to help children in Kenya

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center Co-diector needed to help children in Kenya
IHF Co-Director

If you’re looking for a long-term volunteering opportunity, the International Humanity

Foundation is offering you the chance to help in our children’s home.

IHF is looking for hard-working, committed volunteers to help in our children’s home in Kenya.

IHF provides education, and in some cases, homes, to children in need in six centers across

Indonesia, Thailand and Kenya. IHF has no central headquarters; each center is a product of its

environment and follows the cultural code and norms of its host country.

Our Kenya center is a children’s home and also provides emergency relief to the surrounding

community. This is the biggest IHF center, with approximately 100 kids. The kids are from the

marginalised Pokot tribe, whose conditions are amongst the worse in Kenya. Living conditions

in this region are harsh, and we provide basic needs such as a home, food, and access to

education to children who would otherwise go without. We also run livestock donation

projects and other initiatives to relieve the extreme poverty where we can.

At the center, you will divide your time between caring for the children and working on

international tasks. IHF is a grassroots, all-volunteer organisation with no central office, so all

administration work is done in center. All volunteers manage one or more of our international

task teams such as university relations, fundraising and media; working together online with

volunteers in other centers. You will be assigned according to your experience. You must

possess excellent time management skills.

Those who are secure without the comforts of home gain the most from this valuable

opportunity. We are looking for applicants preferably with:

- A related university degree; eg. in social studies, language, teaching, medicine, law, social


- Experience abroad; travel, working or volunteering

- 1-2 years working experience in any field

- Experience with teaching and/or children

Fluency in English, both written and spoken is essential. Those interested in volunteering at an

IHF centre are required to complete a level of pre-trip duties in order to gain an understanding

of how our organization functions.

Stipend: Volunteers must commit to serve at least a year at the center. Basic accommodation

and food is provided by IHF. You are a volunteer at the center, and all local tasks

completed are done so without pay. Volunteers who commit to serving one year or more will

receive a small monthly stipend. It is broken down as follow:-

First 3 months: Training period - $20 per month

3-6 months: Assistant co-Director - $50 per month

6-9 months: Co-Director - $80 per month

9-12 months: Co-Director - $100 per month

This stipend results only from the international online work; not from any local tasks.

After one year there is the opportunity to become a full Director.

Strict IHF Policy: These stipends are fixed. They will not be raised for more experienced

applicants, and everyone will be upgraded according to the timeframes outlined above, and no

sooner. There are no exceptions to this, regardless of what may be the situation in the centre.

We are an all-Volunteer organization and training and hands-on experience is paramount.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself further with our organization

And to our blog

If you have any questions at this time, e-mail -

If you’re ready to apply please send a copy of your resume to