Corolla (all Gen) Lover Ayo gabung

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Corolla (all Gen) Lover Ayo gabung

Buat agan sista yang punya ataupun pernah maupun penggemar Corolla monggo di tunggu sharing kenalan dan nostalgia

Spoiler for Sekilas Tentang Corolla:

Corolla merupakan varian abadi dari tahun 1966 sampai dengan saat ini dan memiliki beberapa generasi yaitu :

Spoiler for Gen 1:

Spoiler for Gen 2 - 7:

Spoiler for Gen 8:

Spoiler for Gen 9:

Kurang satu gen lanjut di bawah ya gan...
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TS Bukan Expertised Corolla kebetulan penggemar Corolla dan semoga thread ini bisa menjadi tempat sharing bersama

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Spoiler for Evolusi Corolla :

Spoiler for Newest gen 2014 info:
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Corolla (all Gen) Lover Ayo gabungCorolla (all Gen) Lover Ayo gabung

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Toyota stretches out and redesigns its long-lived compact sedan.

The Toyota Corolla has been on the market for a staggering 47 years, meaning the compact is barely younger than automotive icons such as the Porsche 911 (50 years) and Ford Mustang (49 years). The long-lived but pedestrian Corolla may not have cachet of those sports cars, but it may be more successful. Toyota says it has sold close to 40 million of them. And even though the outgoing 10th-generation Corolla has been on American roads for nearly half a decade, Toyota sold more than 260,000 of them last year, beating the Ford Focus, Hyundai Elantra, and Chevrolet Cruze. Not bad for the oldest car in the compact class.

As popular as the Corolla might be, it was certainly time for a remake. The 11th generation, unveiled this week at an event in Santa Monica, Calif., brings a clean-sheet redesign to the Corolla nameplate. Underneath the crisp, modern bodywork is a new chassis that stretches the wheelbase by close to 4 inches to boost interior space. And yet the front and rear overhangs are shorter, so the overall look is more taut. Extensive use of high-strength steel has kept the weight below 2900 pounds, no matter how much optional equipment a buyer selects. In our recent test of compact sedans, not one of the Corolla's competitors managed to tip the scales at less than 2900 pounds, so that's an impressive number.

Spoiler for 1:

Those with a thirst for serious thrust probably won't be lining up for the 2014 Corolla. Under the hood sits either the standard 132-hp 1.8-liter four-cylinder from the previous Corolla, or a new 140-hp version of the same engine with more sophisticated valvetrain technology. That top engine is more efficient—it comes in the LE Eco grade paired to a new continuously variable transmission (CVT) that is said to minimize the rubber band feel of traditional CVTs.

Underneath every Corolla are strategically placed aero panels to help reduce turbulence and increase fuel economy. The company says all this new tech will help Eco-badged Corollas to surpass 40 mpg on the highway. A six-speed manual is available on L and S grades. And speaking of the S grade, there is a Sport button that recalibrates the throttle as well as the electric power steering.

Spoiler for 2:

Toyota says the 2014 Corolla is the first compact car to be equipped with standard LED headlights (yet, oddly, the Corolla still uses drum rear brakes on all but the S model). In fact, there's plenty of equipment here that used to be the reserved for more expensive cars, such as pushbutton start, touchscreen infotainment with rear backup camera, and, yes, even paddle shifters. Paddle shifters might seem out of place in the current somnolent Corolla, but the new car could be sporty enough for them to make sense. We'll reserve final judgment until we can climb behind the wheel later this year.

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Leading Across Generations

Kehadiran Toyota Corolla sudah lebih empat dekade dan telah melahirkan 9 generasi yang terus dipercaya konsumen. Itu sebabnya sangat sulit bagi model lain untuk menggeser dominasi Corolla. Bahkan hingga kini.
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