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Biksu Wirathu Sebut Muslim Sebagai ‘Anjing Gila

Biksu Wirathu Sebut Muslim Sebagai ‘Anjing Gila

TAUNGGYI, Myanmar — After a ritual prayer atoning for past sins, Ashin Wirathu, a Buddhist monk with a rock-star following in Myanmar, sat before an overflowing crowd of thousands of devotees and launched into a rant against what he called “the enemy” — the country’s Muslim minority.
“You can be full of kindness and love, but you cannot sleep next to a mad dog,” Ashin Wirathu said, referring to Muslims.

Biksu Wirathu Sebut Muslim Sebagai ‘Anjing Gila


“I call them troublemakers, because they are troublemakers,” Ashin Wirathu told a reporter after his two-hour sermon. “I am proud to be called a radical Buddhist.”

The world has grown accustomed to a gentle image of Buddhism defined by the self-effacing words of the Dalai Lama, the global popularity of Buddhist-inspired meditation and postcard-perfect scenes from Southeast Asia and beyond of crimson-robed, barefoot monks receiving alms from villagers at dawn.

But over the past year, images of rampaging Burmese Buddhists carrying swords and the vituperative sermons of monks like Ashin Wirathu have underlined the rise of extreme Buddhism in Myanmar — and revealed a darker side of the country’s greater freedoms after decades of military rule. Buddhist lynch mobs have killed more than 200 Muslims and forced more than 150,000 people, mostly Muslims, from their homes.

Ashin Wirathu denies any role in the riots. But his critics say that at the very least his anti-Muslim preaching is helping to inspire the violence.

What began last year on the fringes of Burmese society has grown into a nationwide movement whose agenda now includes boycotts of Muslim-made goods. Its message is spreading through regular sermons across the country that draw thousands of people and through widely distributed DVDs of those talks. Buddhist monasteries associated with the movement are also opening community centers and a Sunday school program for 60,000 Buddhist children nationwide.

The hate-filled speeches and violence have endangered Myanmar’s path to democracy, raising questions about the government’s ability to keep the country’s towns and cities safe and its willingness to krack down or prosecute Buddhists in a Buddhist-majority country. The killings have also reverberated in Muslim countries across the region, tarnishing what was almost universally seen abroad as a remarkable and rare peaceful transition from military rule to democracy. In May, the Indonesian authorities foiled what they said was a plot to bomb the Myanmar Embassy in Jakarta in retaliation for the assaults on Muslims.

Ashin Wirathu, the spiritual leader of the radical movement, skates a thin line between free speech and incitement, taking advantage of loosened restrictions on expression during a fragile time of transition. He was himself jailed for eight years by the now-defunct military junta for inciting hatred. Last year, as part of a release of hundreds of political prisoners, he was freed.

In his recent sermon, he described the reported massacre of schoolchildren and other Muslim inhabitants in the central city of Meiktila in March, documented by a human rights group, as a show of strength.

“If we are weak,” he said, “our land will become Muslim.”

Buddhism would seem to have a secure place in Myanmar. Nine in 10 people are Buddhist, as are nearly all the top leaders in the business world, the government, the military and the police. Estimates of the Muslim minority range from 4 percent to 8 percent of Myanmar’s roughly 55 million people while the rest are mostly Christian or Hindu.

But Ashin Wirathu, who describes himself as a nationalist, says Buddhism is under siege by Muslims who are having more children than Buddhists and buying up Buddhist-owned land. In part, he is tapping into historical grievances that date from British colonial days when Indians, many of them Muslims, were brought into the country as civil servants and soldiers.

The muscular and nationalist messages he has spread have alarmed Buddhists in other countries.

The Dalai Lama, after the riots in March, said killing in the name of religion was “unthinkable” and urged Myanmar’s Buddhists to contemplate the face of the Buddha for guidance.

"Bener2 ajaran yang welas asih ya emoticon-Matabelo
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pertamax kah?
gua senang kalau non muslim ngomong beginian jgn seperti motto sampah manis seperti merpati dan licik bagai ularemoticon-Ngakak
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sampah emang orang2 botak tersebut........emoticon-Najis (S)

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Contohlah apa yang dilakukan Sang Buddha.
Beliau menundukkan gajah yang mengamuk dengan cinta kasih - tanpa kekerasan sedikitpun.
Dan dia, seabgai bhikkhu mengatakan tak bisa tidur di sebelah anjing gila?
Berarti dia tak punya cukup cinta kasih.
Muslim atau Muslim KTP zaman skrg emang udah jauh dr yg namanya Islam.... Bgitu juga agama lain termasuk Buddha...

Itu berarti setan telah sukses
“If we are weak,” he said, “our land will become Muslim.”
wah muslim phobia
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Ini biksu sarap yang kemarin dulu ngaku sebagai osama dari mynmar
Kasihan anjingnya, gak salah apa2 ikut dibawa2. emoticon-Big Grin

Ane cuman bisa prihatin kok bisa mereka bersikap sepert itu, mengkhianati ajaran Buddha Gautama

jangan digeneralisir gan..itu hanya oknum..gak smua Muslim kek gitu..
kalo ente Muslim pasti ente tau.....Muslim dan Mukmin beda gan..
Muslim belum tentu Mukmin,,kalo Mukmin sudah pasti Muslim...U Know !
kalo Non Muslim ane gak tau..

gak punya cinta kasih kok bisa jd bhikkhu emoticon-Ngakak sebelah rumah ane gereja gan ane muslim tiap nyanyi2 ributnya minta ampun tp ane nyantai aja gan emoticon-2 Jempol berarti ane lebih hebat dari bhikkhu itu dong gan tp kenapa ane kagak jadi bhikkhuemoticon-Smilie pemain sirkus banyak yg menundukkan singa tp kagak jd bhikkhu ganemoticon-Ngakak
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ntar kalau doski ke borobudur ane gamparin mukenye sampai goblok asli sampai goblok elo kan tau gemana gegep ah elahemoticon-Nohope
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biksu di myanmar dibekingi ama pemerintah n aung san su kyiemoticon-Najis
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