Need HELP with Healthcover Translation - URGENT!

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Need HELP with Healthcover Translation - URGENT!


I currently need someone to help with a high quality translation on a needed basis now (all work and communication are done online).
Here are some qualifications you should have:
1. Great understanding of English and formal yet understandable Indonesian.
2. Honest, dependable, ethical, reliable and easy to communicate with.
3. Reliable internet connection & familiar in using Ms. Word (2007).
4. Available for today and tomorrow (Sunday) for a quick work. Also, you must have BCA account for payment.
5. I need someone who is able to translate in understandable and sensible ways. Preferred to have experiences in translating or getting involved in Overseas Student Healthcover (Skilled newbies are welcome though).

Let`s not waste our time by sending me biased and irrelevant messages – READ all of the qualifications and anyone interested & qualified, please feel free to PM me by writing HEALTHCOVER as the subject unless your message will be ignored. Please give a brief detail about your experiences or why you would be the best candidate to pick and please also give me your email address so I can directly send the test.

Note: This is a very small job (only 5 pages or 2500 words) which of I am happy to pay Rp. 125.000.
I am ready to pick someone within next hours..


Health Cover

Hello, first of all, I am sorry because I have to reply here because your private message quota is full. About OHSC, I only know that it's a health insurance for overseas students.However, I would love to try it. Here is my email:
Test sent, check your email pls emoticon-Cool
I expect fast turnaround, thx!
PM sent emoticon-Cek PM (S)

Test Answer


I have sent the answer for the test emoticon-Smilie