Pemilik Libertyreserve (LR) ditangkap karena money laundering

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Pemilik Libertyreserve (LR) ditangkap karena money laundering
Arthur Budovsky Belanchuk, 39, on Friday was arrested in Spain as part of a money laundering investigation performed jointly by police agencies in the United States and Costa Rica.

Costa Rican prosecutor José Pablo González said Budovsky, a Costa Rican citizen of Ukrainian origin, has been under investigation since 2011 for money laundering using a company he created in the country called Liberty Reserve.

Local investigations began after a request from a prosecutor’s office in New York. On Friday, San José prosecutors conducted raids in Budovsky's house and offices in Escazá, Santa Ana, southwest of San José, and in the province of Heredia, north of the capital.

Budovsky's businesses in Costa Rica apparently were financed by using money from child pornography websites and drug trafficking.

New York conviction

According to records from the U.S. Justice Department, on July 27, 2006, Budovsky and a partner identified as Vladimir Kats were indicted by the state of New York on charges of operating an illegal financial business, GoldAge Inc., from their Brooklyn apartments.

They had transmitted at least $30 million to digital currency accounts worldwide since beginning operations in 2002.

The digital currency exchange, GoldAge, received and transmitted $4 million between Jan. 1, 2006, and June 30, 2006, as part of the money laundering scheme.

Customers opened online GoldAge accounts with limited documentation of identity, then GoldAge purchased digital gold currency through those accounts; the defendants' fees sometimes exceeded $100,000.

Customers could choose their method of payment to GoldAge: wire remittances, cash deposits, postal money orders or checks.

Finally, the customers could withdraw the money by requesting wire transfers to accounts anywhere in the world or by having checks sent to any identified individual.

Budovsky and Kats were sentenced to five years in prison for engaging in the business of transmitting money without a license, a felony violation of state banking law, but got probation.


Situs libertyreserve juga g bisa diakses.
Turut berduka untuk yang punya balance banyak disana emoticon-Matabelo


LR resmi ditutup ada beritanya yang lebih terpercaya dari BBC
omg... untung balance gue 0000000 emoticon-Cendol (S)
wa gmn tuh yg balancennya masih banyak ? , kgk bisa di cair-in donk ?
waduh salah satu alternative pembayaran onlen kena razia
semoga yang balance di sana masih banyak segera bisa di amankan
apezzz anee.....emoticon-Berduka (S)
mampus dah yg punya baance banyak..
emoticon-Berduka (S)
aw yang bener gan..sayang bgt blance ane ada 3 dollar dsna emoticon-Turut Berduka
wew.....duit ane ada tuh di account liberty
ane gag ngerti yg gtu gtuan gan,, emoticon-Hammer2
wah bahaya tuch ane baru denger nich gan berita nya mungkin emank betul terlibat apa yah!!

coba agan buka webnya kebuka g ? saya akses dari sini g bisa.
dan coba googling tentang ditutupnya LR banyak tuh beritanya..

saya sih awalnya g percaya....
coba login akun LR malah webnya g bisa diakses...padahal kemaren2 msh bisa....

dan untungnya balance tinggal 1$ aja. emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
untung ga punya duit disono


Waduh.......... saldo ane masih ada $ 4,5 lagi .... yah .... padahal ini sistemnya bagus ... hmmmm .... emoticon-Ngakak
terima nasib lah yang punya duit disono ....
emoticon-Berduka (S) dulu sempet punya balance disana cuma beberapa dolar, tapi kaga ditambahin untungnya emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak emoticon-Ngakak gile bener gimana nasibnya yang masih ada balance disana tapi belum di transfer ke rek. pribadinya
tinggal 1dollar
wah kesian bgt tmn2 yg punya account di sono.. untung ga bgitu gede sih nilainya..
jahh...terus nasib duitnya gimana...
kasian donk yg ada duit bnyak di sana...
untung duit ane tinggal 3 dolar
wah, untun ane gak maen kaya gitu emoticon-Big Grin