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Courage My Love

Courage My Love

Courage My Love

Courage My Love is a pop-punk rock trio from Kitchener, Ontario consisting of twin sisters Mercedes Arn- Horn (guitar/vocals) & Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums/vocals) and Brandon Lockwood (bass/backup vocals).

Alternative Press Magazine named Courage My Love as one of “100 Bands You Need To Know in 2012″.
With a massive internet presence, Courage My Love reached the #3 position on’s July 7 2012 ‘Next Big Sound’ chart (weekly chart showing the fastest growing artists online)

Fueled by a passion for pop, punk, metal, social justice and rebellion, the band has quickly made a name for itself touring non-stop throughout Canada…collecting new fans at every stop (including the 2011, 2012 and upcoming 2013 Vans Warped Tour).

Their music videos for Bridges, Barricade and Anchors Make Good Shoes (if you have issues) added into heavy rotation at MuchMusic and at MusiquePlus in Canada. Combined with viral videos, they have over 3 million views on their youtube channel.

Their debut EP, ‘For Now’, was released on Homeskool Prom Records/Warner Music Canada. Also, an acoustic version of this EP ‘For Now (acoustic sessions)’ was released on a limited run in Canada Summer 2012.

An expanded version of ‘For Now’ released in Japan in July 2012 on Spinning/Grizz-Rhythms. In November 2012, Courage My Love were chosen to take part in the Canadian Independent Music Association’s (CIMA) Music Mission to Japan 2012 and performed in Tokyo in front of fans and industry. The fan and industry response was incredible!

They returned to Canada and immediately went on their first tour of Atlantic Canada as the support act on Faber Drive’s successful ‘Lost In Paradise’ tour. By the end of the tour , they had performed in front of over 7000 people.

Courage My Love are set to release their brand new EP ‘Becoming’ June 11, 2013 on Homeskool Prom Records/Warner Music Canada.


Mercedes Arn- Horn (guitar/vocals)
Phoenix Arn-Horn (drums/vocals)
Brandon Lockwood (bass/backup vocals)

former member:

David Blake-Dickson (bass/backup vocals)


Courage My Love

1. For Now
2. Anchors Make Good Shoes (if you have issues)
3. Disappear
4. Barricade
5. Smoke and Mirrors
6. Bridges
7. River

The Acouustic Version

Courage My Love

New Album

Courage My Love

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salah satu band yg lagi ane gandrungiemoticon-Big Grin
mercedes main gitarnya jagoemoticon-Genit:
Spoiler for solo:

sayang davenya udh keluar, udh ga unyu lagiemoticon-Frown
Baricade emoticon-Belo
Bridge emoticon-Kiss (S)
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gue suka mereka bro,, musiknya asik & breakdownnya juga enak tuh emoticon-Malu

manteb gan mercedes, great guitarist and great vocalist emoticon-Matabelo


bener banget tuh gan, i sell comics padahal lagu parody, tapi enak banget ahaha emoticon-Matabelo
another female fronted band ya gan emoticon-Big Grin coba denger lagunya ahh emoticon-Malu (S)

sepertinya agan penggepar Paramore nih, boleh - boleh gan di cek, ga kalah sama paramore deh di jamin CML emoticon-Cendol (S)


ia om,, gue juga suka waktu mereka bawain lagu OMG ,, ahahha gokil jadinya tuh lagi dibwain CML

coba dengerin lagu coveran Paradisenya CML gan, mantab

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