World Of Bleach ( Bleach Text MMORPG ) New!!

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World Of Bleach ( Bleach Text MMORPG ) New!!
What is World of Bleach RPG?

World Of Bleach is a text-based role playing game based on the anime/manga Bleach. You set off on a journey as a human and later face the decision of either becoming a Shinigami, Death Gods who rule Soul Society or you can choose to become a Hollow, souls who roam Hueco Mundo. Fight your way through the ranks and help your race a(Shinigami or Hollow) establish it's superiority! Socialize with your friends and spar them using a uniquely strategic combat system. Hunt down your enemies and socialize with your friends and have a wonderful gaming experience! ~

Walaupun teks tapi seru gan!!!

Many zanpakutou
Many ressurection


kalo agan daftar pake link di atas bakal dapet uang 50.000 yen. Ane nggak maksa kok buat pake link di atas buat daftarnya tapi buat nyari uangnya nggak gampang gan.

More Info and Beginers Guide
gan ane gak dapet 50000 yen nya,padahal udah daftar dari refferal agan emoticon-Cape d... (S)
btw ane coba deh game nya