Info Berio Symptoms Cancer Yang Frequently You Ignore

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Info Berio Symptoms Cancer Yang Frequently You Ignore
Often the cancer is detected after he stepped on stage one or even had stage three .And at that time of course hard work must first be done to fight this deadly disease .Whether these efforts will be successful ?Percentages vary, there is 50% -50 % others 40% .It is your job to prevent cancer go on stage further .How?

In fact , the cancer can be detected early , before it develops and stomping stage one .There are some common symptoms experienced and often overlooked because it is a health disorder that is often experienced .

Beware of cancer when there are symptoms such as :


Fever is not a disease to be feared because it could have happened and caused many things .However , if you often have a fever with no obvious cause and the intensity is high enough, it is recommended that you conduct an examination of the doctor .Generally , cancer cells are being spread when the fever attack the body .And in most cases of blood cancer . cancer cells develop in when you have a fever .


Often bloated for no reason , then you should be wary .Especially when no such bloating can be cured with drugs that you consume.Better call the doctor and make an early inspection when bloated continuously increasing intensity from day to day.


Suddenly anxious for no obvious thing and felt every day, also one of the indications of the cancer cells are being spread.Even if you get enough sleep, your body will feel weak and tired constantly.


If you feel stiff in the armpit or around the breast, then immediately consult your doctor.This could be one of the symptoms of breast cancer or cancer of the lymph nodes.

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