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[facebook] Game of Thrones Ascent
[facebook] Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent Beginner’s Guide & Walkthrough

Game of Thrones Ascent is an RPG game brought by Disruptor Beam. The game mechanics is mainly based on decisions you have to make on each quest, which in turn end up shaping your character’s aligment (see Character and Quest section for a detailed explanation). You won’t see live action battles here, it’s a pure RPG, and characters from the TV Show and Book are not directly involved in the game, but just heard.

Before you start, you must know that your progress in the game can be measured by your character level and the second one if Power (top right side of the screen to see points) which positions you in a ranking of Lords.

Spoiler for XP Points & Currencies:

Spoiler for Character:

Spoiler for Quests:

Spoiler for Sworn Sword Quests:

Spoiler for Choosing Your Fealties:

Spoiler for Lorebook:

Spoiler for Buildings:

Spoiler for Power:

Spoiler for Gallery:

Spoiler for FAQ:
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