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Akibat kecelakaan Motor (Featuring Slamet)

Akibat kecelakaan Motor (Featuring Slamet)

Pertama-tama, ane ingin mengucapkan suatu hal yang ingin ane ucapkan dari jamannya Eyang Sub*remoticon-Hammer, yaitu adalah sudah lama ane nggak bikin thread di siniemoticon-Big Grin. Dalam thread ini, akan diisi dengan foto (ya iyalahemoticon-Hammer2), beserta dengan keterangannyaemoticon-Big Grin. Btw, selamat makanemoticon-Blue Guy Cendol (L). Btw, untuk yang ini, Alhamdulillah Slametemoticon-Big Grin

Spoiler for before:

Spoiler for after:

Spoiler for X-Ray:

Spoiler for X-Ray vs. Real:

Spoiler for Foot meat:

Spoiler for The Scar:

Spoiler for The Amputated foot:

Spoiler for Closer with The Amputated foot:

Untuk keterangannya, dalam Bahasa Inggris.
I’m 22 years old and live in Texas. On December 28, 2006 I had a motorcycle accident that miraculously didn’t kill me. I was riding my cousin’s Kawasaki Ninja down an old desolate country road that not many cars really go down. I came up on a long downhill straight away and my adrenaline begged me to gun the engine and haul ass. I was exhilarated by the power and speed of the bike and was on a natural high not realizing what the fuck I was doing. When I looked down and read the speedometer at 155 mph I snapped out that adrenaline high and realized I was going way too fast for it being only my fifth or sixth time riding. I kind of panicked and tried to ease the break in but that only caused the handlebars to start wobbling a bit.

When the speed wobbles started, I happened to lift my head up a little bit above the windshield and the wind immediately ripped my helmet off because I didn’t have the chinstrap fastened. The sudden rush of wind slapping me in the face caused me to become more distracted and the speed wobbles got wider and wider. At that point I was staring death in the face, not really scared, more like surprised at the reality that it can come get you out of nowhere. I looked off into the sky and said my last words to God. Then there was darkness.

I awoke in the grass on the side of the road. I looked over at the road and saw pieces of motorcycle littered everywhere and the bike was totalled, tangled up in some trees across the street. There was no pain, I was in complete shock. I lifted my right leg and saw my foot dangling down only attached by the Achilles tendon.

My ankle was torn open and tendons and meat were hanging out. I remember thinking I needed to go tell my cousin I had crashed his bike so I scooped my tendons back into the wound and closed my foot back up to try and stand up. As soon as I put my body weight on my mangled leg my foot just flopped out to side and my own able dug into the dirt as I lost my balance and fell over. I started crawling with my right elbow towards the road, my left arm would not respond to my brain’s commands. The last thing I remember was yelling for help over and over and finally an SUV passed by and stopped then I blacked out again.

When I awoke in the hospital the extent of my injuries was as follows: I lost my top four front teeth. My bottom four front teeth went through my lower lip and also got knocked out. Torn rotator cuff in my left shoulder. Completely shattered radius and broken ulna in my left wrist. Compound fractures in my lower right tibia and fibula. Torn right ankle and broken bones in foot. No spinal cord or back bone injuries. No brain injury (well maybe a little since I’m always looking at this site now. Lol, jk.) Below the knee amputation due to infection. And a little bit of road rash. The doctor still has more pictures and actual pictures of me at the scene that he hasn’t released to me yet. When I get them I will be glad to send ‘em in.

Kalau ingin naik motor, jangan lupa ikat helm anda, jangan lupa berdoa, dan jangan lupa hati-hati.
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Ebuseeh 155mph .
Kl ane yg bawa motor tuh 200 mpm(mile per month)

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