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●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○●

●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

With the permission from our Regional Leader, we made this thread for our regional in order to chit-chat in English.
We hope with this thread, we can practice and hone our English so that our English will be improved.
I am myself not fluent in English, so why don't we practice together and gain better together.

So guys and gals, please have a nice chit-chat in here...emoticon-Kiss (S)


Any violation will result in automatic post deletion. In the event that the situation persist, the offending account(s) will be banned. Ignorance of the rules excuses no one.

In addition, the rules in this thread shouldn't infringe the general rules of Regional Yogyakarta.
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
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●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
In front of Movie Box.
"Memory is the diary that we all carry about with us." - Oscar Wilde
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Autolock Thread by Hansip

●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

this lovely and lively dwellers (several haven't been included though. LOL)

●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
In order of alphabetical
I know you might don't like this since it will open a new tab every time I hotlink page one to this data base,
but for aesthetic reason, please bear it emoticon-Big Grin.
I hope you find this data helpful, strengthen our bond and friendship emoticon-heart.
So that we all can repeat the lyrics:
"You know me so weeeeelllll" emoticon-Hammer
"Drop that kracked song, Honey"
"But mom, this is hit now!"
"You're a boy, my dear sweatheart, play another song"
"Kemesraan ini janganlah cepat berlaluuuuu"
"Hmmm...that's better!".
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
adrian.s.rasnie (Y U NO post your bio emoticon-Ngacir) | agestya | Agusetia | alund, pic | Ambrosiana /:exclamati/ | AnD.Shop | aquart | AyaConDioz | bakwanware | bidadut | Bogest76 | damarez | Dave Ouch /:exclamati/ | deuxxification | didinezh | dikanewbie93 /:exclamati/ | EnormousDreamer |galihbelel | gothed | Igoor | indovers | JChristie /:exclamati/ | Jibril | kancut_bau | laura.jelek/:exclamati/ | masnyo2 | mbah.jafar | mimmosapudica | muzahhir | nasfayanti | oeboer.oeboer |
ordnavle | orang_dongo /:exclamati/ | Orthanc /:exclamati/ | paanda93 | rattri | rebelloveless | stpdfrkina | tchn | topx666 | tralala.luna | twistedmind | uswahpoenya | vendi_novar | Vgod | viendetta | xFakexBloodx | yowesslah/:exclamati/ | Zeokey88, other | Yukikawaii
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

emoticon-exclamation indicates that the person having the ID currently not in Yogyakarta for more than a month
We are back bitcccchhheeeeesss..!!!

whaaaaaaaaat??!?!! new English Thread??
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

Spoiler for First Gathering; 271111 @ FesKul Jakal; 7 participants:
sorry guys, we need this page for future use.. emoticon-Wink
pardon me,
it was my mistake emoticon-Frown
somebody gotta call ms Yuki immediately
aaahhh,the smell of the sweet first page emoticon-Kiss (S)


it's not a problem,yuki will notice this immediately emoticon-Big Grin
hayo ojek hayooo emoticon-Stick Out Tongue emoticon-Ngacir
alright alright alright,

Im ready for this emoticon-Cool
im reserved for a few minute before... homebase.
I previously think we need to get twenty thousand posts in order to move into another homebase.
Thank you Ojek and Big D for telling me about the issue.
New home..
smell the new atmosphere, at the very first page..


who said that the new kaskus won't stop at 500 pages ???
Diubah oleh heroinez

i did, but i have a proof emoticon-Bingung


those thread just reached 10411 posts.

i thought kaskus didnt implement the auto lock feature,
sorry my bad emoticon-Sorry

You shall not passed Activist training session.. emoticon-Cape d... (S)

no problemo.
I'm not an activist so I didn't know this stuff emoticon-Embarrassment


I just find it out
Morning, ECOREY! emoticon-Matahari

Hi, Ojek.
Why did you blame yourself? Did you do something wrong?
In fact, I need to say my gratification and thank you for texting me last night in case of thread locking due to surpassing the maximum posts.
Thank you. Here's a kitteh for your morning:
●○●○● [eRYe] English Corner ●○●○● - Part 1

Yes, I know the joke about the ticket, Hero.
Don't mind it.
Btw, do you also wish to join us this evening at Empire XXI? ^w^
Diubah oleh Yukikawaii
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