Gadis Muda Di Temukan Tewas :'(

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Gadis Muda Di Temukan Tewas :'(
Quote:The 17 years old girl left her home saturday evening around ten to go out to meet friends. She never came home, but was found by her father on monday morning (1/4) hidden in a ditch both shot and stabbed.

Questioned by the police, her father said that she used to hang out with bad company, and that he often had warned her.

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sebelum nya maaf ya kalo repost emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
bagi cendol dong emoticon-Smilie
mau nimpuk enteh masih cepirit entah blm bisa emoticon-Ngakak
gadis jaman jebot emoticon-Ngakak
kok dibunuh sih emoticon-Frown
mending diculik terus dijadiin artis biru emoticon-norose
gw yakin dah di "nganu" in ntuh cewek emoticon-Malu
manah bukti nyah kalo masih muda emoticon-cystg

bener kata budhe ngatini ( . )( . ) emoticon-Ngakak
wow bonusnya sexy bener
pinggangnya sexy euy
Kasihan yah padahal masih 17 thn emoticon-Genit
Yang ditemukan bugil manah emoticon-Mad
Mukanya penuh tanah yakk emoticon-Takut: