Test IQ agan di sini

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Test IQ agan di sini

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ane udah pernah nyoba gan. nih emoticon-Big Grin
Spoiler for IQ:

wah keren.. gan emoticon-2 Jempol
makasi gan koment nya emoticon-I Love Indonesia (S)
emoticon-Rate 5 Starbuat agan, biar semangat

ty emoticon-Shakehand2
mantep gan testnya, duah ane cobaemoticon-Cendol (S)
Test IQ agan di sini

itu hasilnya gan emoticon-Kiss
dapet 122 gan.. mikirnya lama banget juga.. emoticon-Malu (S)

keren ente gan emoticon-2 Jempol

emang lama gan emoticon-Malu (S)
129 gan emoticon-Cool
<a href="" title="IQ Test"><img src="" width="150" height="75" alt="IQ Test" border="0"></a><br> - <a title="Quick IQ Test" href="">IQ Test</a>
ane coba ya gan ntar ane share dimari
males ah.. ane ngaskus via android emoticon-Cape d... emoticon-Cape d...
Test IQ agan di sini

itu gan punya ane..
ane coba dlu gan
buat agan, biar semangat
males ke tekape gan emoticon-Matabelo

Test IQ agan di sini
Spoiler for IQ ane:


You have reached 6 points and your IQ is: 104
IQ Score Table
Points Level IQ Range Description
20 Genius 140+ You are probably a genius.
16 - 19 Gifted 130 - 139 You have a unique imagination and logical mind.
10 - 15 Above average 115 - 129 You have a good imagination and logical mind.
6 - 9 Higher average 102 - 114 You have an average imagination and logical mind.
3 - 5 Lower average 90 - 101
0 - 2 Below average 70 - 89 You have a below average imagination and logical mind.