Masih banyakah orang seperti ini diluar sana ?

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Masih banyakah orang seperti ini diluar sana ?

In the video, which Hendrickson said was a joke, the former-college student lists many reasons explaining why he'd hate to be Asian.

No. 1, he says, is that "most Asians look alike." No. 2: He doesn't find Asian women attractive.

Hendrickson goes on to say that Asian men "aren't good in the bedroom," because they have "small equipment," and if they smoke marijuana they get "double chink eye."

Hendrickson's Facebook page has since been taken down, but the video had already been ripped by others and uploaded to YouTube.

This latest video is reminiscent of a 3-minute long racist tirade by a UCLA student named Alexandra Wallace. In the clip, called "Asians in the Library," Wallace makes derogatory remarks, criticizing her Asian classmates for calling family and friends after the 2011 tsunami.

The student later apologized and said she would withdraw from the university, ABC News noted at the time.

Watch Hendrickson's video in clip above.
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