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A Mystical Land is a 3D fantasy themed browser based MMORPG

Villager and Heroes is a 3D Fantasy Game Create your dream house

A Mystical Land is a 3D fantasy themed browser based MMORPG

A Mystical Land is a free-to-play fantasy based MMO set in a magical world where anything is possible. Players start out as adventurers as they progress into a bona-fide hero destined to save the country. An uprising has begun against the royal hierarchy. A wicked army, rebel bandits, and a slew of monsters have started conquering villages. It’s up to one of the brave locals to become a legend and set things right. Similar to Runes of Magic and Allods Online players can create their own home in a beautifully animated world. Explore different areas while completing quests. Storm the castle with friends and chat. Fight various creatures from boars to skeletons. Craft a variety of weapons to use in battle. Transform into the hero you were meant to be. Choose between four distinct classes including warrior, wizard, hunter, and priest.


- A fantastic world full of adventures
- Cooperative gaming with thousands of other players
- Considerable crafting features (fishing, mining, collecting, cooking etc.)
- Available on web browsers and Facebook
-n keep many animals and plant vegetables in their house and garden[ini fitur yang ane demen bisa bikin rumah sendiri sama ternak hewan dllemoticon-Matabelo].


Warrior – Equipped with the mighty sword and sturdy set of armor they are guardians. Their powerful blade skills with the ability to absorb damage give this class remarkable strength.

Wizard – Hold the role of destroyer with a specialty of hitting multiple targets during attacks. A mystic class by nature wizards is knowledgeable in elemental magic and carries the staff. They possess the ability to immobilize enemies with ice or scalding their foes with fireballs.

Hunter – Known as scouts with a specialty in swift strikes they serve as the spies of the forests. Hunters are fast and silent with their arched bow at their side.

Priest – This class uses the magic of the land for power and strength. Armed with the mace they have the ability to restore health along with a few effective melee skills.

Spoiler for nih cwe lagi di kryok tengkorak :bettys:

Spoiler for rumahnya gan:

Spoiler for :



Diubah oleh rendang92
Beri apresiasi terhadap thread ini Gan!
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ayo yang bosen main game mmorpg 3d yang hanya grinding doang sama bot
inilah obatnya emoticon-Ngakak

sampe lupa masukin link websiteny
Diubah oleh rendang92
wuis sepi kali emoticon-Sorry
aduh, kepincut deh sama grafisnya.. emoticon-Kiss (S)
ijin coba dulu ya gan emoticon-Malu (S)
ini kenapa tiap lagi main tiba tiba suka blue screen trus restart ya?
apa ada settingan khusus?
padahal main game client berat lainnya lancar aja

silahkan gan jangan sampe ketagihan yaemoticon-Ngakak


oh iya main nya agan lewat clien ato langsung dari browser?

pake client gan

masih restart sendiri ga tuh gan,ane juga main pakek client tapi aman' aj,seting high display aj masih lancar

ga kuat mungkin lepi ente gan
Diubah oleh rendang92
absen SzayelGranz,job archer,level 11 kalo ketemu di jalan di sapa aj emoticon-Ngakak

foto saat ane masih nge gembel gan

Spoiler for :

Spoiler for :

Spoiler for :
Diubah oleh rendang92
Kebiasaan orang indo..
Share game2 'baru' (menurut ane baru, karna baru tau)
tapi ngga di share video gameplay nya..
cuma di share trailer..
trailer dimana mana lebay..

ditunggu sampe ntar malam..
balik kerja @_@

emoticon-Ngakak maklum gan cepet bosenan main game yang nge bot sama leveling doang,iya ini game pertengahan ato akhir tahun kemaren cuma karena belum stabil servernya sering lag karena mainya cuma lewat browser,kalo sekarrang udah ad client buat donlot nya jadi main enteng,iya juga gan kalo trailer mah emang kebanyakan berlebihan kalo ini ga kok

ok gan silahkan di coba
Diubah oleh rendang92

Spoiler for :



gan, kalo bisa pake multi quote aja, jangan di quote satu-satu
keliatannya ga rapi banget

masa iya ga kuat -_-
game lain yang pake client dan lebih berat aja kuat gan.
ane coba maintenance dulu deh sekalian nyoba dari browser.
thanks gan

ok gan baru pertama buat thread nih jadi ga begitu paham

iya gan di cleaner aj dlu,soalny ane main make client g pernah dc
atopun trouble seperti yang agan bilang,ok gan di coba" aj dlu

nick ente apa gan gw berasa main sendiri nih ga pernah ketemu orang indo emoticon-Cape d... (S)
Diubah oleh rendang92
waduh lagi MT mystycal land nya pantes ga bisa masuk

update patch 2.4.4

Diubah oleh rendang92

(Web Based) eIndonesia di Erepublik a.k.a DUNIA BARU

udah ada yg online belom nh gamez gan.....

sepertinya ok jg games ini, apa udah ada yg online gan mohon infonya dunkemoticon-Bingung (S)



masih gan liat aj nick gw di post
nih game ada kota" utamanya gk sih emoticon-Cape d...

kyknya ngikutin alur crita bngt deh...

truss yg maen jga kyknya sepi emoticon-Cape d...
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