Burnt In The Streets

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Burnt In The Streets
Quote:The dead body of a woman, which had a hole in her head was found in the early hours of February the 15th. She was lying dead on the street. At approximately 06:45 hours, locals reported the emergency phone number 066, on 20th Street in front of the house marked No. 16, between Avenida Aboard Xochiaca and Seventh Avenue, with the serious matter of a burnt corpse in the street.

Municipal police and ambulance paramedics RM-107 Nezahualcoyotl Municipal Rescue attended the scene and confirmed that it was the corpse of a woman about 25- to 30-years-old. The victim had third-degree burns from the waist to the head. She was lying on the pavement next to the sidewalk. Also a hole was found in the head of the woman.

It is till now unclear if it was the cause of a bullet or another object. The police is investigating. It is not sure if this injury has caused her death, due to the fetal position of her corpse. It is also possible that she was burnt alive. The victim was not identified, only the optical things are known; she was barefoot, light brown skin and wearing a pair of blue jeans.

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