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Tentang Table Manner & Table Food Services : Etiket Jamuan Makan

Tentang Table Manner : Etiket Jamuan Makan

Tentang Table Manner & Table Food Services : Etiket Jamuan Makan

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Posting singkat di thread ini tentunya jauh dari kata lengkap, sila dikoreksi dan ditambahkan.
Yang penting jangan tegang atau bingung , nikmati suasana dan makan enak emoticon-Angkat Beer
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Tata Hidang menurut adat daerah di Indonesia



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Tentang Wine


sila ditambahkan , emoticon-Angkat Beer
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thank u, udah ditambahkan point-pointnya

udah di tambahkan di thread

kalau bentuk X menyulitkan waiter untuk clear up emoticon-Big Grin
coba ditunggu komen yang lain

yapp, wajib kalo yg ngambil public relations

tergantung jenis dan ukuran steak nya, si. kalau american lebih casual deh


itu post #3 kan ala Indonesia , gan emoticon-Bingung (S)
tinggal dilengkapi.referensi ane gak begitu banyak.

wah, ni kalau yg dari perhotelan wajib ngambil pelatihannya emoticon-Big Grin


ane juga bingung kalo gitu emoticon-Bingung (S)


ane nggak begitu ngerti kalo ala chinesee gitu, mesti nanya ke galeri pangsit yang pernah jamuan kek gitu


ok, thank's gan.udah dimasukkin ke thread.

emoticon-Matabelo kalau ala diplomat lebih banyak ya manner nya


ane nggak terlalu nguasain wine, gan. coba bookmark deh, sapa tau ada ahli wine mampir kemari emoticon-Angkat Beer

itu point nya, gan emoticon-Peace


ni kerjanya harus jamu relasi bisnis ya emoticon-Big Grin


baca dolo di post #3 , gan emoticon-Big Grin

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"30 Secrets Your Waiter Will Never Tell You"

Mungkin sebagian dari poin-poin di artikel ini tidak relevan untuk budaya 'melayani' di negara kita, tapi tidak ada salahnya sebagai tambahan ilmu & pengetahuan bagi teman-teman semua

Sebelumnya, ane juga ingin mengingatkan bahwa kerjakanlah pekerjaanmu dengan sepenuh hati, maka hasilnya akan begitu terasa untuk diri anda sendiri
tidak ada pekerjaan yang mudah di kehidupan ini, semua membutuhkan skill yang berbeda

Jadi anda tidak perlu merasa 'minder' ataupun 'terhina' sebagai pelayan restoran karena pekerjaan ini membutuhkan
psychological skill, good stamina, and great concentration

Pendapat ane di atas bisa dijelaskan secara lebih mendetail, tapi sebelumnya ane akan post terlebih dahulu artikel di bawah ini:[/CENTER]

"30 Secrets Your Waiter Will Never Tell You"

What We Lie About
1. We’re not allowed to tell our customers we don’t like a dish. So if you ask your server how something is and she says, “It’s one of our most popular dishes,” chances are she doesn’t like it.
—Waitress at a well-known pizza chain

2. On Christmas Day, when people ask why I’m there, I might say, “My sister’s been in the hospital,” or, “My brother’s off to war, so we’re celebrating when he gets back.” Then I rake in the tips.
—Chris, a New York City waiter and the founder of

3. If you’re looking for your waiter and another waiter tells you he’s getting something out of the stockroom, you can bet he’s out back having a quick smoke.
—Charlie Kondek, former waiter at a Denny’s in Central Michigan

4. If someone orders a frozen drink that’s annoying to make, I’ll say, “Oh, we’re out. Sorry!” when really I just don’t want to make it. But if you order water instead of another drink, suddenly we do have what you originally wanted because I don’t want to lose your drink on the bill.
—Waitress at a casual Mexican restaurant in Manhattan

What You Don’t Want to Know
5. When I was at one bakery restaurant, they used to make this really yummy peach cobbler in a big tray. A lot of times, servers don’t have time to eat. So we all kept a fork in our aprons, and as we cruised through the kitchen, we’d stick our fork in the cobbler and take a bite. We’d use the same fork each time.
—Kathy Kniss

6. If you make a big fuss about sending your soup back because it’s not hot enough, we like to take your spoon and run it under really hot water, so when you put the hot spoon in your mouth, you’re going to get the impression—often the very painful impression—that your soup is indeed hot.

7. I’ve seen some horrible things done to people’s food: steaks dropped on the floor, butter dipped in the dishwater.
—Waiter at a casual restaurant in the Chicago area

What You’re Really Swallowing
8. If your dessert says “homemade,” it probably is. But it might be homemade at a bakery three miles away.
—Charity Ohlund

9. I knew one guy—he was a real jerk—he’d go to Costco and buy this gigantic carrot cake for $10 and tell us to say it’s homemade. Then he sold it for $10 a slice.
Steve Dublanica, veteran New York waiter and author of Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip—Confessions of a Cynical Waiter

What Drives Us Crazy
10. Oh, you needed more water so badly, you had to snap or tap or whistle? I’ll be right back … in ten minutes.
—Charity Ohlund

11. We want you to enjoy yourself while you’re there eating, but when it’s over, you should go. Do you stay in the movie theater after the credits? No.
—Waiter at a casual restaurant in the Chicago area

12. My biggest pet peeve? When I walk up to a table of six or seven people and one person decides everyone needs water. I’m making a trip to deliver seven waters, and four or five of them never get touched.
—Judi Santana, a server for ten years

What We Want You to Know
13. Sometimes, if you’ve been especially nice to me, I’ll tell the bartender, “Give me a frozen margarita, and don’t put it in.” That totally gyps the company, but it helps me because you’ll give it back to me in tips, and the management won’t know the difference.
—Waitress at a casual Mexican restaurant in Manhattan

14. If you’re having a disagreement over dinner and all of a sudden other servers come by to refill your water or clear your plates, or you notice a server slowly refilling the salt and pepper shakers at the table next to yours, assume that we’re listening.
—Charity Ohlund

What Tells Us You’re Trouble
15. I get this call all the time: “Is the chef there? This is so-and-so. I’m a good friend of his.” If you’re his good friend, you’d have his cell.

16. The strangest thing I’ve seen lately? A man with a prosthetic arm asked me to coat check it because the table was a little bit crowded. He just removed his arm and handed it to me: “Can you take this?”
—Christopher Fehlinger

17. We always check the reservation book, scan the names, and hope for someone recognizable. I’m happy if the notes say something like “Previous number of reservations: 92.” If they say something like “First-time guest, celebrating Grandma’s 80th birthday, need two high chairs, split checks, gluten allergy,” then I start rummaging through my pockets for a crisp bill for the hostess and I make sure to tell her how much I love her hair fixed like that.
—Charity Ohlund

How to Be a Good Customer
18. Use your waiter’s name. When I say, “Hi, my name is JR, and I’ll be taking care of you,” it’s great when you say, “Hi, JR. How are you doing tonight?” Then, the next time you go in, ask for that waiter. He may not remember you, but if you requested him, he’s going to give you really special service.
—JR, waiter at a fine-dining restaurant and author of the blog

19. Trust your waitress. Say something like “Hey, it’s our first time in. We want you to create an experience for us. Here’s our budget.” Your server will go crazy for you.
— Charity Ohlund

What You Need to Know About Tipping
20. If you walk out with the slip you wrote the tip on and leave behind the blank one, the server gets nothing. It happens all the time, especially with people who’ve had a few bottles of wine.
—Judi Santana

21. If you say, “Don’t worry—I’m a really good tipper,” that always means you aren’t.

What Else We’d Like You to Know
22. When you say, “I’ll have the pasta Alfredo,” it tells me two things: You aren’t interested in trying new things, and you don’t eat out much. Restaurants put this dish on their menus because it’s “safe,” it sells, and it’s cheap to make.

23. At one restaurant where I worked, the salads were made up to three days earlier. They were sitting on a tray with a thousand other salads in the refrigerator. The waiters went back, grabbed a plate and some dressing, and handed it to the customer.
—Jake Blanton

24. If you don’t like something, don’t muddle your way through it like a martyr and then complain afterward. If you don’t like it, don’t eat it. Send it back and get something else.
—Christopher Fehlinger

25. Ask what’s in your smoothie. A lot of restaurants use half-and-half. So you think you’re ordering a healthy strawberry-banana smoothie, but it’s really full of fat.
—Waitress at a well-known pizza chain

26. Watch out for what I call the touchdown. That’s when the waiter comes around to refill your water and the pitcher actually touches your glass. If he’s touching all the other glasses with the same pitcher, think about all those germs.
—Jake Blanton

27. If you’re having a problem, speak to the owner if you can. Managers may have very little power. They’re less likely to comp a meal, and most aren’t authorized to give away free alcohol. They’ll also take it out on the server if you have problems.
—Kathy Kniss

28. If you’re worried about cleanliness, check out the bathroom. If the bathroom is gross, you can be sure the kitchen is much worse.
—Waitress at a well-known pizza chain

29. When I’m hiring, I always look for someone who’s spent some time as a waiter. What I learned waiting tables was far more valuable than anything I learned in college as far as how to interact with the human race.
—Jim Sheehan, former stockbroker and waiter who now owns a successful IT consulting firm

30. Once on Mother’s Day, this older lady came in alone and told me that her kids weren’t able to be with her that year, but they had mailed her a gift card. So I told my manager that we had to make this an exceptional experience for her. I told her to come back with a friend some time and use her gift card because tonight, her meal was on us. We comped her dinner, and I sat with her through dessert while she told me about her kids. My coworkers were happy to cover my other tables for 15 minutes. The woman told me she would remember that dinner forever.
—Melissa Mckracken, longtime waitress in Hawaii

(dikutip dari sebuah forum berbasis di New York, Amerika Se
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Berikutnya adalah Restaurant Lingo 101

Apa sih artinya?
Restaurant Lingo itu bisa di-translate jadi istilah-istilah yang digunakan di kalangan para pekerja di restaurant.

Ane yakin banyak di antara teman-teman di sini yang familiar banget dengan istilah-istilah di bawah ini.

Buat yang sama sekali gak familiar, ini bisa jadi tambahan pengetahuan.
Customer's point of view yah itung2 tambahan pengetahuan biar lebih ngerti 'bahasa' restaurant.

Here it is:

Restaurant Lingo 101

86 - Can mean either “get rid of”, or “out of” a certain product.
All Day – The total amount of a required dish to one kitchen station.
Apps – Appetizers.
BOH- Back of House. Includes: Prep, Line Cooks, Dishwasher, Expediter.
Bev Nap – A Beverage Napkin on which the ordered drink sits.
Busser - A FoH employee that’s job is to clean and reset tables and bring dirty dishes/glassware to the dishwasher
Campers - Customers that linger for longer than desired times.
Cambro - Also called a Lexan. A large plastic topped pan that stores food product.
Chef de Partie – Station chefe, or line-cooks.
COGS - Cost of Goods. Generally what the food costs to make prior to adding overhead costs.
Closer - the FoH or BoH employees that stay until the end of the shift, to make sure that other employees perform their closing work. Usually the last employees to leave the restaurant.
Closing work – Work that is required to be performed by servers after they have been cut.
Commis - An apprentice who works under the Chef de Partie.
Comp - To give something away for free, either because of a mistake or to please customers.
Cut - To release an employee from the shift. If a server is “cut”, they will no longer receive tables and can begin doing their closing duties.
Deuce - a 2-top
Dine-N-Dash – When a customer eats and walks-out on the check without paying.
Dish Pit - The station at which the dishwasher washes the dishes.
Double/Triple/Quadrouple Sat - For one server to receive two or more tables back-to-back.
Dropping – Not what you think. Means to deliver food or drinks to a table.
Dying - When a food order has been sitting out for an undesirably long period of time.
Expo - The Expediter. The man in the middle between the FoH and BoH, that organizes the services.
FOH - Front of House. Includes: Hostess, Bussers, Runners, Servers, Bartenders, FOH Manager.
Fire - To begin cooking.
Flip - The process of which a FoH member cleans then resets a table to be sat again.
Foodie - A wanna-be chef, or food critic who constantly criticizes the meal.
Food Runner - Any FoH that brings food to a table; sometimes a paid job title.
Garde-Manger - Pantry Chef. This person is responsible for cold food prep, salads, cold apps, and occasionally the dessert specials.
GM - General Manager. The top of the pyramid in restaurant management.
In the Weeds - When a FoH or BoH finds themselves needing to do too much to handle in a short period of time.
Kill it - Also called “Burn it”. Usually a well-done piece of meat.
The Line - This is where the chefs cook and prepare the services. Called such because the grill, sautee, and build stations are set up in a straight line.
Low-boy - A set of cooling shelves in the kitchen that is situated underneath the preparation tables.
The Man – The health inspector.
No Call No Show - When an employee doesn’t show up for their shift and fails to have called ahead of time to report that they will not be coming in to work. Usually results in that employee being fired.
Nuke it – When an item needs to be microwaved.
On the Fly - Anything that is needed faster than normal preparation time, or perhaps pushed to the front of the line.
On Wheels – When an order needs to be boxed up to-go.
Opener - The FoH or BoH employees that arrive at work first to perform preparations for the rest of the employees to begin their opening work when they arrive.
Overhead - The added charges to menu items to cover small costs such as employee pay, paper and chemical products.
Party - Any group of people at a table.
Premium - A better brand of alcohol, not as good as a top-shelf.
Prep – The area in the kitchen where food cooked prior to the shift is prepared. Can also mean to prepare the order to be served.
Pittsburgh - A special cooking of a steak – usually a filet – that has to be frozen briefly, then fire-cooked to burn the outside, while keeping the center cool and rare.
Push - A term used by management to encourage servers to sell a certain product.
POS – Point of Sale Machine. Usually, the name of the POS is the computer program used by the restaurant. Posi, Aloha, and Micros are POS programs commonly used.
Refire – also known as a “reheat”. If an item is found to be undercooked, or need to be remade to any extent.
Reggae - When an item is to be made as it appears in the menu. No special modifications.
Re-plate - If a dish comes out looking terribly, the expo may request this to make the dish look more presentable.
S/A – Server Assistant. Can also be considered a Food Runner, or a Busser.
Saucier - Saute Chef responsible for all dishes that come out from the sautee station, and occasionally the sautee specials.
Service - Each full set of meals for a single table.
Server - A waiter.
Shift – A period of time the employee works, either Lunch or Dinner
Shorting - Can mean either a customer receiving less change from a server than required, or a server receiving less money than required to cover the cost of a check.
Side - Can mean an extra food item on the side, or can mean to remove an item from an order and put it on the side.
Sidework – Work that is required to be performed by servers during any shift.
Sharking - When a server intercepts tables at the hostess stand to give him/herself more tables in their section.
Silver - a.k.a. Silverware.
Slammed - See “In the Weeds”.
Starch - Any white-colored food containing starch. E.g. Potatoes, rice, pasta.
Station – The set number of tables that have been assigned to a server for the course of the shift. Also called “Section”.
Stiff – A no-tip. “Stiffed” is in reference to when a server receives no tip.
Sommelier - A wine waiter.
Sous Chef – The second in command in the kitchen, who runs the kitchen if the chef is unavailable.
Split - Also called a double, or “working straight through”. Employee works both Lunch and Dinner Shifts.
Sub – Substitute. Often used in conjunction with 86 when discussing special orders on menu items.
Take - The total amount of tips a server ends up with after the end of the night after tip-out.
Tip-out - The amount of cash the servers must give management to allot to any number of assistants, bartenders, or hostesses.
Togo [Tow-Go] – To-go food.
“Top” - A table. e.g. A 2-top is a two-person table. a 10-top is a 10 person table.
Top-Shelf – The best alcohol the bar has in stock.
Turn and Burn – Also known as ‘flipping’ tables, but generally with more emphasis on numbers of times the set of tables has been flipped.
Upsell - To suggest a higher-priced item or an addition to the already ordered food to inrease the cost of the ticket.
Veg - A side vegetable.
Waitron - Waiter.
Walking in – When a service is needed to be made at the regular service pace. Not to be confused with a “walk-in”.
Walk-in - A cooler in the kitchen large enough for someone to walk-into if they were looking for an item.
Welcome Back – When an item no longer is 86′d and returns to it’s proper state. It could mean from everything to menu items to the kitchen printer.
Window – A heated shelf connected to the kitchen where the Chef of Expo stands to keep food hot while the entire service is put together.
Well - A “well” drink is a mixed drink that uses the cheapest alcohol the bartender has in house.
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wowww .. mangtabs .. makin lengkap aja nih om artikelnya emoticon-Big Grin emoticon-thumbsup ..

tapi ngmong2, kalau saya boleh usul, untuk post 1, di jadiin seperti daftar isi buku aja om yang bisa ngelink ke artikel lengkapnya om ..

jadi misalnya bisa di buat menjadi beberapa kategori ..



& sekalian juga kalau ada refernsi ebook atau video yang mendukungnya juga emoticon-Big Grin ..

@atas gw ..

kalau gw sih malah lebih nyaman pegang garpunya di kiri, jadi lebih gampang motong makanannya, tapi yang bikin kagok malah pas mau makannya, soalnya ga biasa makan pakai tangan kiri emoticon-Big Grin ..

Diubah oleh x2rx

bwahahahaha.. gw sih emang ga terbiasa jamuan resmi.
lebih doyan ngeliwet.. tapi kan yg namanya kerjaan ga bisa dikompromi emoticon-Frown


makasih banget bro untuk linknya di thread sebelah.
sorry baru baca + ngirim GRP. hehehe...

kalo boleh usul lagi nih...
kapan2 penghuni thread ini bisa lah gathering kecil2an gitu.
ya sekalian newbie kayak saya bisa belajar banyak dari yg udah pengalaman.

ga usah di resto2 mewah deh, asal kita bisa praktekin teori2 seputar table manners aja.
emoticon-Matabelo sudah ada yang mampir dan komen.
@all sambil berjalan dirapiin ya threadnya.minta masukannya juga yg dari enhai kalau mampir dimari emoticon-Malu
bagus nh thread.... ane jd banyak ngerti table manner ^^ makasi ya

Sama2 bro, mudah2n cepet fit lagi ya bro emoticon-Smilie ..

ngomong2 thanx's banget untuk cendolnya nih gan, sueger tenan emoticon-Big Grin ..

ngomong2 juga, boleh juga tuh usulnya bro sekali2 pengen juga nih ngerasain makan dengan banyak perlengkapan makan di meja gitu & pakai serbet juga emoticon-Big Grin ..


wewww .. iya nih untuk para alumnus ENHAI atau mahasiswa & mahasiswinya, selain thread ini, thread2 lainnya juga tolong di bantu ya prok .. prok (gaya pak Tarno emoticon-Big Grin) ..

biar kita2 jadi pada tambah ngeh dunia cooking emoticon-Big Grin ..
Diubah oleh x2rx

Coba ntar ane summon yg dari enhaii.biar bisa ikut nambah komen disini.

ya ga usah yg mahal2 bro... cari tempat sendiri juga bisa.
yg penting perlengkapan makan lengkap.
mau makan apa juga bebas, asal bisa dipake simulasi aja emoticon-Malu (S)


Kalo Enhaii sih summon aja Kiting emoticon-Stick Out Tongue

Oh iya, ide bagus tuuuu.coba ane cari-cari, sapa tau bisa nglengkapin wine emoticon-Ngacir
emoticon-Sundul Gan (S) biar gak tenggelam
sambil menunggu sesepuh yang mampir kesini emoticon-coffeeemoticon-linux2

tar gue coba foto cara makan + motong daging steak


Ane rela kok jadi modelnya kalo wat makan steak emoticon-Big Grin mayan makan gretongan emoticon-Ngakak (S)

Nambahin dikit, kalo ala belanda ningrat ntu yg ane tau kalo nyendok sup dar dalem ke luar, usahakan sendok ga sampe menimbulkan bunyi/mentok mangkok sop emoticon-Big Grin n jgn diseruput, duduk tegak, pergelangan tangan jgn nyentuh meja emoticon-Nohope
Tambahin referensi table setup tata letak perangkat makan n kegunaannya emoticon-thumbsup:

et dah makan aje ribed banged yak emoticon-Ngakak (S)

boleh om, dibagi disini tips nya.

udah diupdate tata table setup. ane mau nambahin referensi, koleksi ane cuman buat crew ya emoticon-Bingung (S) , agak susah nejermahin.
ini thread kalau panjang bisa jadi buku panduan nih emoticon-Ngakak (S)
Selesai setiap hidangan appetizer, soup, main course, dessert , cutlery (dinner knife, dinner fork, dinner spoon, dessert knife, dessert fork, soup spoon) menghadap arah jarum jam 5

Nice thread gan salam kenal ane lulusan stp di belahahn jakarta selatan emoticon-Shakehand2

emoticon-Shakehand2 hello gan,
Silahken dilengkapi,pengetahuan ane juga terbatas soal fine dining ini emoticon-Malu (S) , udah banyak yg lupa.
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