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Pamer Payudara, Katy Perry Langgar Memo CBS di Grammys
Di Grammys, hanya ada dua yang menarik perhatian, hanya ada dua saja: Katy Perry

Katy Perry Didn’t Get the Memo — See Her Mint Green Grammy Whammy

Quote:Apparently Katy Perry didn't get the Grammys wardrobe memo. Perry is yet another star who pushed the limits of the wardrobe mandate at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards, with a tight mint green, cleavage-baring gown that blatantly violated the memo CBS sent out to Grammy attendees. The mandate emailed earlier this week by CBS' standards and practices department demanded stars "please be sure that buttocks and female breasts are adequately covered," and Perry certainly disregarded that request Sunday night.

Even E!'s Ryan Seacrest seemed noticeably flustered while interviewing Perry on the red carpet -- aside from being extremely tight, the dress exposed a large amount of cleavage. When he asked Perry about her look, Perry discussed her inspiration.

"I was inspired by Priscilla Presley in the '70s," the pop star explained. Without addressing her scandalous dress, she chose instead to focus on her flowing hairstyle. "The big hair, closer to God," she said.

Seacrest's co-host Giuliana Rancic later asked how he kept focused during the interview. Seacrest had a quick response: "When you are my height you have a lot of experience staying focused at that eye line. Lots of practice."

On Saturday night Perry did a much better job adhering to those guidelines at the Grammys MusiCare Person Of the Year Gala, which honored Bruce Springsteen. The singer wore an orange Alexander McQueen gown for the ceremony, and received rave reviews for her fashion choice.
Perry is a nominee and presenter at the 55th annual Grammy Awards Sunday night. Earlier this week it was reported that Perry would not be taking beau John Mayer to the ceremony, but instead would be attending with friend and "Girls" actress Allison Williams.

ini memo yang dikirim via email oleh CBS :

Spoiler for Memo:

Spoiler for Katy Perry's Dress, WHOA!:


Heboh juga ya gaun si Katy Perry ini, kirain di barat sono bakalan biasa saja. Ternyata
gan kalo bikin trit dirapiin dong, masa bahasa alien dipake.
translate kan ga susah
no offense loh
bikin heboh karena yg lainnya sirik
udah cantik+payudara indah
Quote:Original Posted By Ibrahim_R
bikin heboh karena yg lainnya sirik
udah cantik+payudara indah

emang 'anu' gerah ya,
kalo ketemu cewek kayak gitu di jalanan, ane mah gak sungkan sungkan ajak ngewe
kalo ane ditampol, ane tampol balik
pakaian kayak begitu mah layak di perkosa, udah bagus ane ajak ngewe baik2x
mukenye om elton girang banget...
orang luar aja udah pada bosen pake pakaian yang ngumbar keseksian, kok disini masih pada getol ya?

om elton juga laki-laki...
teh keket juga perempuan...


ane juga ngiler....
mantap gan, bulat
Quote:Original Posted By Animation...
gan kalo bikin trit dirapiin dong, masa bahasa alien dipake.
translate kan ga susah
no offense loh

gak bisa bahasa inggris ye gan..?
Quote:Original Posted By qabilhabil001
mukenye om elton girang banget...

mana matanya lihat ke gundukan lg
ampir tumpah tuh gan
emang dasarnya udah toge jadi susah disembunyiin
katty perry toge gan gede bgt


Top banget kety, ngiler
ngeri jatoh aj tuh gan....
Ane ngefans gan ma doi
wow.. ada yang seger di pagi hari
memang menggoda pria gan

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payudaranya gede gan
ane suka