The Pope's Erection

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The Pope's Erection
The Pope's Erection

One morning the Pope awoke in his bed chamber in the
Vatican. To his
surprise, he noticed that he had woken up with a massive
Perplexed, he called on his personal physician.

" Doctor, this should not be possible, " he said, " I'm the
Pope, and I'm celibate ! I haven't had one of these for 30
years ! "

The doctor's reply was : " Well, father, this is a natural
phenomenon for all men, and it will happen even to you
from time to time. "

The Pope exclaimed : " But you must do something about
this! I have mass in an hour, and this thing isn't going
away ! "

The doctor replied : " You have two options . . . either I
can administer an injection to your penis to make the
problem go away, which will hurt and make you feel ill, or
you can make love to a woman.

The Pope says : " No, I do not want the injection, so get
me a nun. "

But there are three things :

First,she must blind so she cannot see who does this thing
to her.
Second, she must be deaf so she cannot hear who does
this thing to her.
Third, she's gotta have really big tits.
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Practice makes perfect, but nobodys perfect
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